FirstBank believes in ensuring diversity is represented at each level of the organization. In May, we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month (AAPI) by recognizing some of FirstBank’s Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander employees.

Today we’re featuring Aminaa Bayar, Business Analyst.

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Years at FirstBank: 1 year and 6 months

In three to four sentences, describe your experience getting to where you are today.

I would not be the person I am today without my family and partner. My parents immigrated to Denver from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 20 years ago. They have taken job after job to care for my siblings and me and showed determination, perseverance and love throughout my childhood. My partner, Cameron, is my better half, and I cannot express how much I appreciate his support.

What is your best career advice for the next generation of leaders? What would you tell someone just starting?

Have love and confidence for yourself. Not only does it help at work, but also in your personal life. Through self-expression, we can also find true diversity and inclusion in our community.

How has FirstBank’s companywide philosophy of “banking for good” impacted your life and career?

I can see the philosophy of “banking for good” through the work-life balance I have experienced here. Spending time with my family and enjoying my hobbies has greatly impacted my mental health.

Considering May is AAPI Heritage Month, which historical figure/s would you like to meet and why?

Although a bit common and stereotypical as a Mongolian, I would love to meet Chinggis (Genghis) Khan. He exemplifies extraordinary critical thinking, leadership, and lore for the rest of the world. I want to see if he had reddish brown hair and green eyes since many Mongolians today have this trait, and I also want to understand his presence as a person.

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