Monday, November 13, marked World Kindness Day. This observance was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement to help promote kindness worldwide. While FirstBank is known for its “banking for good” mantra and philanthropic efforts, its employees carry this philosophy outside the bank and into their communities. From picking up trash, paying for groceries,… Read More

What is Colorado Gives Day? Tuesday, December 5th, is Colorado Gives Day, an annual one-day online giving movement benefitting over 3,400 nonprofits and, as a result, all Coloradans. FirstBank partnered with the Colorado Gives Foundation in 2010 to create Colorado Gives Day, and since then, the giving movement has raised an astounding $415 million for… Read More

¿Qué es Colorado Gives Day? El martes 5 de diciembre Colorado Gives Day,^ un movimiento anual de donaciones en línea que beneficia a más de 3,400 organizaciones sin fines de lucro y, como resultado, a todos los habitantes de Colorado. FirstBank se asoció con Colorado Gives Foundation en 2010 para crear Colorado Gives Day, y… Read More

Protecting our planet is a collective responsibility that benefits us all. Though the idea of making these changes may seem overwhelming, even the smallest of actions possess the potential to have significant impacts as time goes on. Be a Conscious Consumer Being a conscious consumer helps to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Conscious consumerism means… Read More

You’ve probably received an email before alerting you that your data has been leaked in a data breach. A data breach is an intentional security incident that exposes sensitive, confidential data to unauthorized third parties. This exposed information can range from banking details, personal identification, and protected health information to any other private intellectual property. … Read More

Did you know fake bank messages are the most reported text scams? According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report, over 40% of people who reported a text scam in 2022 said the text impersonated a bank. To better protect yourself, here are five signs this text is a scam. Strange phone numbers In most… Read More

Enter to win tickets to see American singer-songwriter, Jeremy Zucker, perform on Friday, November 17th, 2023, at the Ogden Theatre. Complete and submit the entry form below for a chance to win tickets to Jeremy Zucker. Four winners will be selected to win two tickets each. The drawing will take place on Tuesday, November 7th,… Read More