Monday, November 13, marked World Kindness Day. This observance was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement to help promote kindness worldwide. While FirstBank is known for its “banking for good” mantra and philanthropic efforts, its employees carry this philosophy outside the bank and into their communities. From picking up trash, paying for groceries,… Read More

What is Colorado Gives Day? Tuesday, December 5th, is Colorado Gives Day, an annual one-day online giving movement benefitting over 3,400 nonprofits and, as a result, all Coloradans. FirstBank partnered with the Colorado Gives Foundation in 2010 to create Colorado Gives Day, and since then, the giving movement has raised an astounding $415 million for… Read More

Protecting our planet is a collective responsibility that benefits us all. Though the idea of making these changes may seem overwhelming, even the smallest of actions possess the potential to have significant impacts as time goes on. Be a Conscious Consumer Being a conscious consumer helps to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Conscious consumerism means… Read More

It can be a challenge to figuring out how to help the environment. The good news is, bettering the planet doesn’t have to be expensive or drastic. Rather, sustainable changes consist of small intentional actions that are easy to commit to while still leaving a lasting impact. Here are some changes you can incorporate into… Read More

Life is full of unexpected events. Some with uneasy changes and others with newborn blessings. At FirstBank we seek to provide a silver lining in tough times with an “Act of Goodness.” See how our FirstBank team set out to help a small family facing health complications with their newborn. Meet Brandon and Kelsie Barnett… Read More

Banking for good means looking out for our customers and creating memorable moments with our “Acts of Goodness” initiative. See how our employees joined forces to help surprise an elderly couple in Brighton.   Meet Terri and Paul Husband and wife duo, Terri and Paul often frequent our Brighton location, grinning from ear to ear.… Read More

According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), National Pollinator Week is celebrated from June 19th through June 23rd. Here are 10 simple ways to help some of the most vital pollen workers in our ecosystem all year. Build a Bee Garden One of the most significant threats to bees is a lack of safe habitat.… Read More

When tragedy strikes, it can seem impossible to persevere. However, the DePalma family did just that and turned their tragedy into an inspiring message and legacy for their son.  With FirstBank helping customers and communities in need through our Act of Goodness campaign, we had the opportunity to honor their son and provide the DePalma’s… Read More