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How Changing the Way You Think Can Improve Your Financial Luck

Several years ago, the only commercial flight out of the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico was cancelled. As the passengers sat around upset, cursing their bad luck, one man had an interesting idea: he decided to charter a private plane for $2,000 to Puerto Rico and charged impatient travelers $39 a head. Before people started… Read More

BolderBOULDER Mobile Registration at FirstBank

Join the 50,000 participants in one of the most highly acclaimed 10Ks in the world. Since 1979, the BolderBOULDER has encouraged families, friends and athletes to put their running shoes on and celebrate fitness during one of the country’s largest Memorial Day tributes. Interested in joining? FirstBank will be hosting in-branch mobile registrations for the public… Read More

Six Tricks to Stress Less About Money and Sleep More

62 percent of us worry about money so much it regularly impacts our sleep, according to a national survey by This means that two out of three people are laying awake at night thinking about their finances. When you consider that sleep deprivation can impair your judgment, lead to high blood pressure, weight gain… Read More