It’s no surprise that investment fraud is common, since investments can often be complicated and difficult for people to understand. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2022, consumers reported losing more money to investment scams than any other category, adding up to a whopping $3.8 billion.  Here’s everything you need to know about… Read More

You’ve probably received an email before alerting you that your data has been leaked in a data breach. A data breach is an intentional security incident that exposes sensitive, confidential data to unauthorized third parties. This exposed information can range from banking details, personal identification, and protected health information to any other private intellectual property. … Read More

Did you know fake bank messages are the most reported text scams? According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report, over 40% of people who reported a text scam in 2022 said the text impersonated a bank. To better protect yourself, here are five signs this text is a scam. Strange phone numbers In most… Read More

The rise of digital banking has lessened check usage, but they are still relied upon by many. Unfortunately for check users, recent reports show that check fraud is escalating dramatically thanks to mail theft. In fact, it nearly doubled from 350,000 reports in 2021 to 680,000 in 2022, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.… Read More

Sporting lovable personalities and a willingness to show unconditional love and loyalty, it’s no wonder dogs are a human’s best friend. Unfortunately, fraudsters know this too, and they use a variety of tactics to take advantage of dog lovers looking to purchase a pooch. However, you can avoid scams by following these basic guidelines. What… Read More

According to a 2022 Better Business Bureau (BBB) report, consumers aged 25-44 reported losing money to text message scams more than any other age group. This age group also reported a higher susceptibility to fraud (42.6%), and a higher median dollar loss at $190. This generation’s high usage of social media and dating apps exposes them to digital fraudsters.… Read More

While technology has boosted our ability to access virtually anything online, it has also created many more opportunities for social media fraudsters to take advantage. They can target anyone who participates in everyday online exchanges. That’s why it is so important to stay informed about the common internet scams. Here are six types of scams… Read More

Recent reports highlight the fact that online dating sites and apps are seeing massive increases in users. It seems that love is logging in online. Before you run off to create your dating profile, consider the possible risks. According to the FBI, romance scams and similar confidence scams cost consumers more money than any other kind… Read More

Las opciones de pago sin contacto y las aplicaciones de pago móvil de persona a persona (person to person, P2P), como CashApp, Venmo o Zelle®, se han vuelto cada vez más populares (página en inglés). Como resultado, los estafadores han adaptado sus tácticas para aprovechar la comodidad de los consumidores con el envío rápido de dinero a… Read More

Si cree que el robo de identidad nunca podría sucederle, piense nuevamente. El año pasado, la Comisión Federal de Comercio (Federal Trade Commission, FTC (página en inglés) recibió la asombrosa cantidad de 1.4 millones de denuncias de robo de identidad. En combinación con otros casos de fraude, la pérdida total ascendió a más de $5,900 millones. Pero el… Read More