Gen Zers and Millennials are making their financial well-being a priority after a year of high inflation and fluctuating interest rates. A recent survey by Fidelity revealed 75% of Gen Zers and Millennials included financial goals in their New Year’s resolutions vs. 53% of Baby Boomers.  Here are three key financial trends Gen Z and… Read More

La generación Z (personas nacidas entre los años 1995 y 2000) ha adoptado un enfoque diferente para ahorrar para el futuro comparado con generaciones anteriores. Una tendencia reciente llamada “soft saving” prioriza las mentalidades de “solo se vive una vez” (YOLO, por sus siglas en inglés) sobre ahorros a largo plazo. De hecho, el 73%^… Read More

Gen Zers have taken a different approach to saving for the future than previous generations. A recent trend called “soft saving” prioritizes YOLO (you only live once) mindsets over long-term savings. In fact, 73% of Gen Zers say they would rather have a better quality of life than put aside extra money in their savings… Read More

Probablemente, muchos de nosotros hemos encontrado el indicador para dejar propina al comprar café o comida de un mostrador de atención rápida, ofreciendo varias opciones de propina (por ejemplo, 10%, 20%, y 30%). Sin embargo, estas comodidades del punto del servicio también han resultado en un aumento de frustraciones entre los consumidores, mejor conocidos como… Read More

The holiday season has officially arrived. Whether you invite the entire family or keep it on the smaller side, consider using products from local businesses. Not only will your family be treated to an unmatched meal or experience, but it will also create the ideal occasion for quality family time.  Here are some of the… Read More

Social media has an abundance of captivating videos and seemingly reliable advice. But it’s important to exercise caution when applying advice from social platforms. This is especially true with financial content, like GirlMath or cryptocurrency investment hacks, as they can be misleading. According to a recent survey, 79% of millennial and Gen Z Americans have… Read More

Aunque el aumento de las tasas de interés trae incertidumbres  en la economía, hay formas de utilizar esas alzas de precios para tu beneficio. Ya sea abriendo una cuenta de ahorros con tasas de interés altas o transfiriendo saldos de tarjetas de crédito, hemos recopilado cuatro sugerencias para ayudarte a navegar por las crecientes tasas… Read More

Though rising interest rates come with ambiguous strains on the economy, there are ways to use those price hikes to your advantage. Whether it’s opening a high-interest savings account or transferring credit card balances, we’ve gathered three tips to help you navigate increasing interest rates. Maximize Your Savings Account  While inflation has made it hard… Read More

To celebrate FirstBank’s 60 years of “banking for good,” we’ve compiled a list of 60 ways to help you make money and save it. Check out 60 Things You Didn’t Know About FirstBank at to learn more! Finances 1. Earn More with Your Money. Do you have money that seems to be just sitting… Read More