How can you ensure that your business is maximizing efficiency and productivity? Here are some strategies you can implement to help a business run smarter, smoother and level the playing field between small organizations and large corporations.

Artificial Intelligence

Providing quality customer service can be costly and might not be feasible for smaller businesses. Instead your company may want to consider chatbots, a popular tool to help businesses address customer issues, while saving money and streamlining communications. Artificial intelligence has the capability to carry on full, human-like conversations and provide solutions to improve the offered service or product. They have the ability to be programmed to answer basic customer questions, making this resource widely used by both large and small organizations.

Social Media Awareness

Studies have shown that 59 percent of Americans believe customer service through social media has made it easier to get their questions answered and issues resolved. By engaging on social media daily, your company’s brand awareness has the potential to significantly increase. It also states that 86 percent of customers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks. Most platforms provide tools to assist with scheduling posts, tracking and reporting activity, and responding in real time to current and potential customers.

Going Paperless

Beyond environmental implications, going paperless is a great way to increase productivity and cut costs. U.S. businesses waste $8 billion annually just managing paper. Making the change to a digital correspondence surprisingly easy. Modern hardware and software technologies available today are able to create, secure, and send electronic documents. This solution provides a strong case for removing clutter, and allows businesses to be more resourceful, cost effective and nimble.

Money Management

Efficiently managing money can improve how your business operates. FirstBank offers multiple Treasury Management services that can help enhance your day-to-day functions by simplifying banking and giving you the most valuable thing: your time back. Products like Electronic Ticket Capture (ETC) and Point-of Sale systems are just a few ways technical improvements can make your company’s transaction process easier.

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