It’s no secret purchasing property is a time-tested strategy to help build wealth. Owning commercial real estate provides tax benefits, financial advantages, and other perks buyers can use to make a profit.  Here’s what you need to know about Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate (OOCRE) and how buyers can use this tool to improve cash flow.… Read More

In partnership with the Phoenix Suns, FirstBank is hosting the return of the Small Business Empowerment Awards. This season-long program is designed to strengthen marginalized communities and minority-owned businesses across the Valley, through financial and promotional support. Check out the winners below: Small Business Empowerment Award Winners “Los Suns Small Business MVP” Winner- Notambox Notambox… Read More

Despite being a relatively new technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started to transform business workflows and staffing models. According to the IBM Global AI Adoption Index (2022), 77% of businesses have already started exploring the benefits of AI in their processes. Of those using AI, about 30% of companies report significant time savings from… Read More

A recent report, which surveyed 2,000 Gen Zers between 18 and 26 in the U.S., found that 70 percent were using TikTok to seek career and business advice. This video-sharing platform began as a forum for sharing dance moves and acapella performances but has now evolved into a hub for financial and business guidance. However, like… Read More

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports, U.S. businesses will lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues to fraud. As fraud schemes become increasingly intricate, any company, regardless of size or industry, can fall victim. To combat the ever-evolving list of scams, here are six of the most valuable tactics to… Read More

Every week, economists are either predicting a full-blown recession or speculating that we may skirt around one. But with factors like high-interest rates, increased unaffordability, rising oil and gas prices, resumed student debt repayments, and a looming government shutdown, one thing is evident: consumers and businesses will have a lot less dispensable cash. A Harvard… Read More