Nothing embodies the Colorado lifestyle more than the mountains, craft beer and the rugged yet sophisticated look of a strong beard. At least that’s the belief that inspired FirstBank customers Cody and Ashley McAllister to found the Colorado Beard Company.

Cody, who has been able to grow a thick beard since his early 20’s, found that the longer his beard grew, the harder it was to tame due to the dry Colorado climate and harsh facial soaps. That’s when he discovered the benefits of beard oils and balms, and soon was customizing his own concoctions as a hobby.

He eventually turned that hobby into the Colorado Beard Company with the simple goal of supplying like-minded facial hair lovers with high-quality, all-natural products. Now Cody and Ashley are able to share their passion for facial hair and the great state of Colorado with the world.

Colorado Beard CO loves to vend at Farmers Markets across the state of Colorado. Visit their Facebook page for updates on their Spring/Summer vending schedule.

Colorado Beard CO loves to vend at Farmers Markets across the state of Colorado. Visit their Facebook page for updates on their Spring/Summer vending schedule.

Q: Why did you start Colorado Beard Company?

A: I believe there’s great freedom of expression with facial hair, but there can also be maintenance issues—beards tend to become dry, itchy and unkempt the longer they grow. That inspired me to find ways to tame my beard without having to apply unhealthy synthetic ingredients to my face. I soon discovered the world of natural oils that both hydrated and conditioned my hair and skin. I decided to use my skills as a graphic designer and create a company that could provide facial hair care for everyone as well as share my passion for Colorado.

Q: Beards are very popular right now. Is this trend here to stay?

A: I’ve also wondered if it is just a trend, but then I look back through history and see that beards have always been worn proudly in one form or another. Facial hair is a powerful expression of what it is to be a man and what kind of man you want to be. We grow them because we can. We style them because we want to show what we’re all about as an individual.

Q: What products would you recommend for the average bearded man?

A: For anyone with a full beard down to a little stubble, I would recommend our Beard Oil. It comes in several versions (scented and unscented) and is made from all-natural carrier oils, such as Argan, Golden Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed. These oils are full of vitamins and have many benefits that help keep your hair and skin healthy. I also suggest our Beard Balms to help tame unruly beards and Mustache Wax for precision styling.

Q: Why did you choose FirstBank for your personal and business banking?

A: My wife and I opened our first account with FirstBank when we first got married and now have eight personal and business accounts. We have always appreciated their outstanding professionalism and customer service, and their solid reputation in the community.

Q: How would you describe your experience working with FirstBank?

A: We have always been treated like family at FirstBank. We love that they make it so easy to manage our accounts online. If we ever look to open up a Colorado Beards Co. retail outlet, our first call will be to FirstBank.

For more information about Colorado Beard Company and to shop for products, visit

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2 comments on “Customer Spotlight: Colorado Beard Company

  • I just met Cody the other day and thought that his product looked amazing – great packaging – great oils. A little bit of oil makes a difference in maintaining that beard. Kudos to Cody and his wife for finding a great niche! Love spotlight stories like this….

    • Thank you for the feedback Jan! We appreciate hearing from you. Keep your eyes posted for future Customer Spotlight blog posts and have a wonderful week!

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