FirstBank believes in ensuring diversity is represented at each level of the organization. In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing and celebrating some of FirstBank’s women in leadership.

Today we’re featuring Anum Intisar, Assistant Vice President in the East Valley Market.

Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan

Years at FirstBank: 5 years

Other positions held with organizations/boards:

In three to four sentences, describe your experience getting to where you are today.

I started as a teller with FirstBank and had the opportunity to follow the Management Trainee path. I have always been blessed with great teachers and mentors throughout my life. As for giving credit for where I am today, I have the continuous support of my family and officers to thank. If they didn’t believe in me, I would not have been able to follow my passion.

Based on your past experiences, what is the one piece of advice you would give any woman considering a career in banking?

A career in banking can be time-consuming and demanding. Each day brings a new, exciting challenge, and your devotion can help you polish your skills. You will fail, and you will learn from those failures. It’s part of the process. For women interested in banking, I recommend finding a place where they are treated with respect and support. 

How has FirstBank’s companywide philosophy of “banking for good” impacted your life and career?

FirstBank has been more than a workplace for me. It’s my family away from family. I have always been encouraged to do what is right and not take the easy way out. I’ve always been passionate about helping women, and FirstBank supports me in joining non-profits that empower women. 

Considering March is Women’s History Month, which historical figure/s would you like to meet and why?

If I could meet a historical figure, it would be Fatima Jinnah. She was a dental surgeon and a politician. For a woman to go to school, pursue her dreams, and end up as a politician, takes a lot of courage in a country like Pakistan. I would like to learn about her struggles and how she overcame those hurdles.

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