Dogs. The very name conjures up thoughts of adorable puppies, tear jerking movies, and fond nostalgia for owners. They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they’re a man’s best friend (women seem to love them, too!). While we wouldn’t advise you to take financial advice from your dog (insert puns here…”de-paw-sit”), we can point out where Fido has the right ideas. So sit back, grab your favorite milk bone, and join us as we reflect on dogs’ best saving practices. 

Good boy.

A Kibble Saved is a Kibble Earned. Anyone who knows anything about dogs, know dogs love to bury things for later. Should you bury your life savings in your backyard? No, tellers don’t like handling those deposits after they resurface. You should, however, be mindful of putting some of your money away in retirement funds, short and long term savings funds, and in case of emergency funds. With Americans spending 60 billion dollars annually on pets, you’ll be happy you have that nest egg in the future.

Buying Generic vs. Brand. Spot loves food; kibbles, wet food, chicken – it is ALL always met with the utmost excitement. Despite the many ads arguing otherwise, I don’t believe Spot cares if his/her wet or dry food is premium brand. We’re not suggesting that you give up on healthy ingredients in your pet food, but you could consider buying generic over brand name items. Many grocery stores offer an in-house generic option – with the exact same ingredients as their premium counterpart – for a fraction of the cost. Buying generic can cut your grocery bill by 25% or more. Now that’s something to howl about!

Get Outside. W-A-L-K. The most emotionally driven four letter word known to dogs. Aside from the myriad of health benefits, getting outside can help cut costs on television and electricity, date night, and entertainment. Instead of re-watching that bland movie, go for a hike; instead of that fancy dinner, choose a picnic in the park. Your four legged friend and bank account will thank you.

Homemade Gifts That Will Give You The Tummy Rub You Deserve. Remember when Spot dragged in that dead bird or mouse? Well, that was actually a token of his/her appreciation or a gift for the family. While dead mouse = bad gift, Spot’s onto something here. Homemade gifts like baked goods with a handwritten note are a great alternative to expensive store bought items that may just sit in the closet. This isn’t just limited to holidays, but birthdays, anniversaries, and “just because” occasions. You’ll save money and will be able to make gifts in bulk for your entire gift list. It’s amazing how that sock is just as much fun to chew on as that expensive tug-of-war rope.

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