Who couldn’t use some extra dough in today’s high-priced market? Whether you’re trying to outpace inflation, saving for a big purchase, or aiming to grow your emergency fund, finding creative ways to earn extra cash can help you expedite your financial goals. 

Fortunately, we’re highlighting eight ways to earn some extra cash using your skills, resources, and creative juices. While this list isn’t comprehensive and FirstBank does not endorse any one specific service listed here, these are worth researching to see if they can make you additional income.

1. Take advantage of quick gig apps

The need for people’s time, resources, and space has never been greater. According to research by Mastercard, the so-called “gig economy” is expected to generate transactions over $455 billion by 2023. This is how you can get your slice of the pie.


Ride-share has skyrocketed in popularity in less than a decade, and Lyft is one of the big players to help make your vehicle an income-generating machine, all while helping people in your area get from point A to point B. 


Rent out your unused space to make extra money on autopilot. How does it work? After listing your available space, people in your area can rent it out as a storage area. They get a place to keep their stuff, and you get a paycheck. Win, win.


This site connects freelancers specializing in writing, editing, graphic design, and voice-over work to clients needing those creative minds in their corner. The starting pay rate for tasks is $5 (hence the name), but you can set your price. It can be a great way to make some extra cash creatively.


Have a love for animals? Make money while walking dogs or house-sitting for pets in your area. The app lets you set your schedule, area, and a host of other preferences that make this one a dog-gone good way to earn some dough.

Task Rabbit

From accounting and event staffing to IKEA assembling and power washing, there are many tasks you can take on in your area to earn extra cash. This is a versatile money-maker.


Alongside Lyft, Uber is the other big ride-share player. Drive or deliver (via car, bike or scooter) on the platform with the largest network of active riders (meaning more potential pennies in your piggy bank).

2. Get a part-time or weekend gig 

From waiting tables to working retail, picking up a part-time or weekend gig is a great way to earn extra money you can count on each week. Retail stores also hire seasonal employees during the holidays, which can allow you to make extra cash in a short, set timeframe. 

Interested? The Department of Labor has a search option for finding temporary work.

3. Launch a side hustle

Turn your passions and skills into a side business that you can work on in your free time. Check out these ideas:

Open an Etsy store

Have a knack for making beautiful things? Whether you’re sewing clothes, creating art, refurbishing furniture or designing jewelry, launch your own storefront on Etsy to reach customers who appreciate handmade items and small businesses. 

Start a blog

From fashion and nutrition to lifestyle advice and travel, share your pearls of wisdom with the world through your own blog. Once you generate an audience, use ad analytics services such as Google Ads and/or seek brand collaborations to monetize your digital venture. There are numerous paid and free blog hosting sites that you can research to find what is best for you. 

Become a tutor

Cash in on your knowledge by offering tutoring lessons. From academic subjects to music and art, sharing what you know with others is a rewarding way to make extra money. Advertise with posters around your area and/or post about your services on neighborhood forums to drum up students.  

Provide event photography

If you have a camera and a knack for capturing special moments, you should consider offering event photography services. Reach out to your social circles to see if you can cover an upcoming school event or fundraiser or ask friends and family if you can capture their special moments to build up a photography portfolio.   

Offer virtual assistant services

Thanks to the popularity of remote working, the demand for virtual assistance has increased in recent years. Take advantage of this opportunity by offering virtual assistant services, such as scheduling, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, proofreading, social media management and more. Check out sites like Fiverr, to connect with businesses in need of virtual assistance. 

4. Consider rental options

Got an extra room, vehicle or property to lend out from time to time? Make money while you’re not using a space, property or car with apps like Airbnb, Vrbo and Turo.

5. Clear out old and unneeded items

Have items you are no longer using? Sell your gently used and pre-loved items to get paid while clearing out space. If you have many items, hosting an old-fashioned yard sale is a great option. Otherwise, list your items with as much detail as possible on online marketplaces like Craigslist to find interested buyers. 

6. Look for ways to cut out money “leaks” 

Sometimes finding extra cash is as simple as reevaluating existing expenses. Consolidate or cancel unused media subscriptions, such as Netflix, Spotify and Sirius XM, and be sure to review ongoing memberships that might no longer serve you, such as a gym pass, fitness app or wardrobe rental program, to put cash back into your pocket. A recent survey found that 42 percent of participants had active subscriptions they forgot about. With the rising cost of these services, that can amount to a lot of money wasted. 

7. Take surveys for cash

Got opinions? Share your two cents in exchange for cash on sites such as MyPoints and Survey Junkie. This avenue is a great option for patient, persistent types as you may need to finish a certain amount of surveys before cashing out your points.

8. Turn your extra space into cash

Do you have an empty garage or basement that you’re not using? Apps like Neighbor or Stashbee can help you earn some extra cash by renting out your space for community members in need of a place to temporarily park their things.

Online space-sharing communities like Neighbor allow you to make some extra cash by listing your spare closets, yard, or rooms.

Much like Airbnb, this is one way to easily generate passive income. If you have the space and would like to learn more, you can visit www.neighbor.com.

Once you find a side gig (or two or three) that works for you, you can put your extra cash to work. Whether you’re paying off debt, saving for a rainy day or treating yourself to a luxury purchase, remember to set new financial goals that align with your income streams.

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