Spring has sprung, and while there are many things to look forward to, house cleaning probably isn’t one of them. But what if we told you that decluttering your home could put some extra dough in your pockets? Yep, that’s right. Here are five ways to turn that junk stash into cash:


Turn new or gently worn clothing into cash

Follow the one year rule: if you haven’t worn it in the past year, you likely won’t wear it again. You can sell your gently used clothes to local consignment stores and they’ll give you cash on-the-spot. However, with websites like Poshmark and Tradesy you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Sell directly from your closet. Dust those unused items off, take photos, and post them online. Now relax and watch your items turn into money.   

Get top dollar for antiques and collectibles

Try and stay away from sentimental items. Obviously, you don’t want to get rid of your grandmother’s ring that’s been in your family for generations. But if you have other antiques lying around, find out their value by doing a little research online. A google search may suffice but an expert appraisal will give you the most accurate value. Finally, stay away from garage sales or consignment stores. These types of buyers are looking for a bargain. You’ll get more money from your antiques by entering them into local auctions. If you’re like me and love your couch, host an auction online through Ebay.

Sell your unused or broken electronics

With new and improved technology constantly being introduced, we tend to frequently upgrade our electronics to the latest versions. You may have gathered several unused or broken electronics. We have good news, companies like Green Buy Back and Gazelle will give you cash FAST in exchange for those electronics. These websites make it easy. Simply search for your device, list its condition and get a quote instantly. Shipping is free and payment is quick and easy.

Host a yard sale

Congrats! You’ve managed to get rid of your cash worthy items, but there are still nagging knick-knacks laying around. Garage sales are great to get rid of unwanted DVDs, books, toys and more. Pick a nice day and host a yard sale. People will literally come to your home and purchase your unwanted items. Spring cleaning has never been this easy.

Do good

Consider taking any remaining clothes, furniture or household items to a nearby rescue mission. You can report the value of donated items for a tax deduction. Not only can helping others relief tax burdens, but most importantly, “doing good” will feel good.

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