What does love cost? For the average person, it’s about $137. That’s how much most people spend on Valentine’s Day, and that doesn’t even factor in costs for dates, activities or dining out. Among all U.S. consumers, we shell out a total of $18.2 billion on our loved ones. If these numbers leave you feeling faint, there’s good news. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are several cost-cutting ways to show your love without shelling out cash.

Look at these seven affordable ideas when planning your Valentine’s Day:

1. Plan a Picnic. A picnic can be a romantic and cost-effective date idea. Grab a blanket, a cooler (or cute wicker basket), some easy finger sandwiches or snacks. Pick a place with a view for bonus points. Live somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine in February? Move the fun indoors. Light a fire in the fireplace, turn on Planet Earth in the background, and it’s almost like you’re outdoors.

Estimated cost: $25

2. Volunteer your Time. In lieu of pricey dates and gifts, volunteer for an organization that means something to both you and your partner. Giving back can be a great way to spread the love not only to each other but your whole community.

Estimated cost: $0

3. DIY Dessert. Dessert always has a special place in our hearts. Instead of going all-out on a specialty made dinner this year, do dessert instead. Ingredients are often cheaper, saving you money at the grocery store. You could even make it a competition by having a bake-off.

Estimated cost: $10-15

4. Make a Blanket Fort. Revisit the childhood favorite and make a blanket fort with your significant other. You can enjoy a marathon movie night with popcorn and sweet treats.

Estimated cost: $10

5. Acts of Service. Those coupons you used to give your mom for free chores when you were little can still have the same profound effect as an adult. Instead of a fancy dinner or spa day, offer to make dinner or host a personal spa night, with you as the chef or masseuse.

Estimated cost: $0-$25 (depending on the act of service)

6. Good Ol’ Fashioned Game Night. Break out the childhood classics like Sorry, Monopoly or Yahtzee for a fun, nostalgic date night or guarantee laughs with a newer game like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme. Expand the circle and invite some friends over to share in the fun, too. Looking for something more? Design your own game by making a scavenger hunt for your significant other.

Estimated cost: $0 (borrow or rent some games!)

7. Practical Presents. Is there something practical you could do or give to your significant other instead? Maybe you’ve been promising to fix something for months, or you both have been dying to replace that old coffee table, dishware set, etc. Instead of using the funds on an expensive, impractical gift, use them to buy something you needed anyway. Estimated cost: varies

The list of ideas for a fun, inexpensive Valentine’s Day is endless. Remember, it’s not always the number of zeroes on the price tag that has the greatest impact on our hearts.

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