Halloween may appear all but canceled under COVID, but don’t let that scare you. There’s still plenty of frightening fun (and savings) to be had. Prepare to mask up and read on for a list of Halloween activities that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Scare the Neighbors

Halloween decorations are my favorite part of the holiday (yes, even more than the candy). They set the spooky mood and without them, Halloween would be little more than a bizarre extension of Comic-con. Turn the act of decorating into an event by putting on some Halloween tunes and dusting off those plastic pumpkins, and spending some quality time with the family. Depending on the size of your ghoulish collection, you may not even spend  money.

Mask Up

No, not those masks, we’re talking about the frightening kind. Much like decorating, a DIY costume can be turned into a fun family activity while saving some cash along the way. Need some inspiration? You can search online for DIY costume ideas such as these awesome homemade costumes for kids. Again, depending on your supply stash and skill-level this can be a free activity.

Top 3 COVID Costumes

  1. Sub-Zero/Scorpion
    • These two Mortal Kombat characters have been ahead of the curve and masking up since their inception in the 90s.
  2. Any Disney Character
    • In the early days of Disney, when cartoons were black and white, animators gave the characters white gloves in order to help contrast the different parts of their animal stars. Turns out gloves are handy under COVID as well.
  3. DIY Mummy
    • Believe it or not there was a time when wrapping yourself up in toilet paper was the affordable Halloween costume. These days, when rolls go for as much as $100, it’s the costume to wear only if you’re flush with cash.

Monster Movie Night

Few things are more frightening than a good scary movie. And with more people streaming than ever and new services popping up every month, the choices are seemingly endless. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are household names, but there are others including Shudder, a streaming service dedicated to movies of the macabre. Streaming costs vary by service, but most have free trials as well. That’s a scary good deal.

Events in Your Area

Although some events have been canceled, there are others that have adjusted their operations to safely stay open this season. Below are just some of the events still going on in your area. Avoid the nightmare of last minute cancelations and check regularly prior to attending any event for safety rules and for the most updated schedules.




Mile High on the CheapABC 15Palm Springs Life and other community calendars have complete listings of seasonal events.

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