Sometimes we come across some truly amazing customers, who despite hard times and personal tragedies, try to positively impact those around them. We call these our “Good Customers,” and we’re setting out to make their day.

Thanks to three wonderful FirstBank employees, we got to hear about two “Good Customers” named Ed and Susan. Here are their stories:

Meet Susan

Susan is described by FirstBank branch employees as an unbelievably sweet and appreciative person, touched by even the smallest gestures. Several years ago, she lost her parents and fiancé in a car accident. She eventually adopted two children – Allison and Stephen – and raised them as a single parent. Her daughter recently started college in Alabama, which has been a hard transition. FirstBank set out to ease that transition and show Susan how much we appreciate her compassion, positivity and loyalty.

Check out what we did for Susan:

Meet Ed

Years ago, Ed suffered from complications after surgery and was no longer able to work. His living situation is rough and despite his personal hardships, he has a positive outlook on life and is described by employees as an extremely generous individual, always trying to make people smile. For instance, he usually spends his last few dollars on goodies for the bank staff. FirstBank wanted to help Ed get back on his feet by repaying his generosity and showing how much we appreciate his kind-heartedness.

Check out what we did for Ed:





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