We love spreading kindness at FirstBank. That’s why we’ve set out to surprise customers and community members with “Acts of Goodness.” Whether big or small, these surprises aim to spread positivity and inspire similar goodwill in the community. The following “Acts of Goodness” story took place over several months with the help of FirstBank employees dedicated to doing what’s right.

Meet Kris

In the Fall of 2022, a handful of FirstBank employees in Northern Colorado noticed a car parked next to the branch for an extended period of time. They quickly realized that this car was a temporary home for the driver and his two dogs. Anyone who has experienced Colorado’s fluctuating weather, from sizzling hot summers to icy cold winters, understands that this was not an ideal situation.

Caitie Brennan, Senior Development Specialist at FirstBank, spoke with the vehicle’s occupant, Kris, and learned more about his situation. Kris was a disabled veteran going through a difficult transition that left him without stable housing. Coupled with injuries from serving in the Army, Kris’s driving limitations forced him to park his car near his place of work, which happened to be by a FirstBank branch. Despite this hardship, he was in good spirits and did everything he could to keep himself and his pups comfortable, even running his car’s air conditioning all day long to ensure his dogs did not overheat. 

The Surprise

After Caitie and her team learned more about Kris, they purchased a $300 gift card so Kris could purchase some much-needed groceries and gas. He was overcome with emotion and expressed gratitude in a very sweet card he delivered to the branch the next day. 

Wanting to do even more, Caitie enlisted the bank’s help to find secure housing for Kris by partnering with a local housing nonprofit. Caitie and the team researched pet-friendly affordable housing options close to Kris’s workplace, which was not an easy task as affordable housing units are competitive. But even as the weeks dragged on, Caitie and her team remained hopeful. Fortunately, their persistence paid off, and Kris was approved for an apartment in late February. Once more, FirstBank helped cover the application fee, move-in costs, and three months’ rent, equaling more than $3,600 in assistance. 

The news profoundly impacted Kris, but it was just as powerful for the FirstBankers involved. 

“He was extremely grateful, and for us at the branch, it was an Acts of Goodness moment we’ll never forget,” said Caitie.

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