Sometimes we come across some truly amazing customers, who despite hard times or personal tragedies, try to positively impact those around them. We call these our “Good Customers,” and we’re setting out to make their day.

Meet Delores:

Delores, a 75-year-old widow and FirstBank customer, who manages to be a ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest days, was facing some financial hardships. Unfortunately, Delores fell victim to a fraud scam and coupled with her inability to pay for gas or groceries, she went into the Greeley branch for some assistance. That’s when she met Shane, a branch representative who was taken back by Delores’ story and wanted to brighten her day with a FirstBank “Act of Goodness.”

After collaborating with other team members, Shane invited Delores back into the Greeley branch and surprised her with over $1,250 in financial support, including a $1,000 in vouchers to help with groceries, household items and clothes, as well as a $250 gift card for gas and other discretionary needs. To top it all off, FirstBank also presented Delores with a gift basket containing spa items, baked goods and other treats.

“It’s sad to think that a lot of elderly community members struggle to make ends meet. Hearing Delores’ story made us want to help in whatever small way we could. I feel extremely blessed to work with a company that believes in helping its customers in more ways than one,” Shane said.

In addition to helping customers like Delores, FirstBank also supports dozens of nonprofits aimed at helping underserved and aging communities through several charitable initiatives, including Colorado Gives Day and Arizona Gives Day, employee Volunteer Time Off, corporate contributions and board support. Last year, it donated more than $5.6 million and helped raise over $60 million towards area charities.

Those who’ve experienced such hardship know how much of a difference it makes when someone looks out for you, especially when you’re not expecting it. 

Thank you to the entire FirstBank team at our Greeley branch for helping make this a special moment for Delores.