Banking for good means looking out for our customers and creating memorable moments with our “Acts of Goodness” initiative. See how our employees joined forces to help surprise an elderly couple in Brighton.  

Meet Terri and Paul

Husband and wife duo, Terri and Paul often frequent our Brighton location, grinning from ear to ear. One day, the Branch Manager, Helen, noticed the retired customers walking down a high traffic street. When they finally stopped inside the bank, she asked why they weren’t driving. It turns out, their car broke down and the hefty repair bill left the couple, who live on a fixed income, no other choice but to walk.

In order to meet payment deadlines and fill their pantry, Terri and Paul were walking three to four miles a day just cover to their bases. While this inconvenience could easily ruin their day, Terri and Paul continued to look on the bright side. “At least we’re getting our exercise,” Terri joked with a pleasant smile.

The Surprise

With the help of the bank, Helen and her team were able to gift Terri and Paul $1,000 in cash to help with car repairs/put towards a rental car, and $800 in combined grocery and home good gift cards, and a set of FirstBank-branded mugs so they can sip on coffee in style.

This “Act of Goodness” took Terri and Paul by surprise and they were overcome with support from their local bankers.  

“It’s not every day you get the opportunity to give back to customers needing a simple act of goodness. I’m happy I get to work for a company that gives us the resources to do good and help others,” Helen said.

Check out to see more of our “Acts of Goodness” activations within our community.

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