October is National Cyber Security Awareness month. Here are five tips to keep your money safe:

1)  Set up account alerts. This is an easy and effective way to both manage your finances and alert you to possible fraudulent transactions through email or text message. Click on the heading “Settings & Alerts” to enroll for alert notifications.

2)  Watch out for unsolicited emails that request personal information. These emails are known as “Phishing emails” and can cause great harm if you provide personal information.

3)  Be cautious when conducting business with individuals electronically. Always verify payment instructions with a phone call. Fraudsters compromise email systems, create fake websites, or initiate fake phone calls to misdirect valid payments.

4)  Fraudsters may pose as a representative from Microsoft or other computer support companies and ask to remotely control your computer. Verify their legitimacy before allowing any access by calling the company directly and confirming.

5)  Do not reuse or share passwords. Make sure financial information login credentials are unique.

Let us know! If you see suspicious activity or something doesn’t feel right when accessing your account online contact us right away.

7 comments on “Cyber Security Awareness Month

  • FirstBank should offer multi-factor authentication for its internet banking services. It is increasingly rare for financial institutions to not offer this option in 2016.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your feedback! FirstBank safeguards information according to established security standards and procedures in order to keep your financial information secure and confidential. In addition, we continually assess new technology for protecting information and have external vendors perform regular audits of our system. The result is a “distributed security” network, one that ensures protection throughout the banking process, on your computer, during the transmission of information, and in the bank’s own computer systems.

      Distributed security means that, rather than rely on one security measure, FirstBank uses many lines of defense to protect your account information, including encryption, firewalls, timed log off, virus protection, and a secure login process. Whether you’re signing up online for Online Banking, transferring money or paying your bills, you can depend on your accounts and your account information being safe.

  • Hi – I am a first bank customer with several accounts with you. Do you have plans to implement 2 factor authentication for the login to your main webpage for account access?

  • Please implement multi-factor authentication – it would make me feel a little more secure about my bank account and staying with FirstBank. There is way too much Cyber Crime going on to not provide your customers with that layer of protection.

  • I can’t believe that FirstBank has not implemented MFA. They are light years behind best practices for securing our finances. I just called support and they had said that our systems are secure and that they dont have a road map for MFA. It doesn’t matter how secure the back end is if they crack your password. Unacceptable.

  • I received 2 Social Security Checks in Jan. 2017. I was denied the 1st one & 2(one due to post on *1/3/2017). Still pending. Never posted even to cover amounts due. Crooks! They owe me. I reported them to Social Security. Rude customer service on top of everything. They said u could get their Cash Reserve & after completing about the check they denied they wouldn’t help me w/ Cash Reserve or Overdraft. Today 1/4/2017 at 1:08am one of my SS DU check is still pending. Change banks as soon as I get my money & Sincere apology. B. Halbert

    • B. Halbert,

      Our sincere apology for the delay getting back to you. Our blog is not regularly monitored for customer service related issues, in the future please contact us at 1.800.964.3444 or visit your local branch for customer service assistance. I will have someone contact you regarding this comment shortly. The delay with your SSA check was due to the bank holiday on Monday, January 2nd as all FirstBank locations and the Federal Reserve were closed for the holiday. All pending transactions from the New Year’s Holiday weekend processed on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

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