October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month. Here are five quick and easy tips to keep your money safe:

1)  Set up account alerts.

Setting up account alerts is an easy and effective way to both manage your finances and alert you to possible fraudulent transactions through email or text message. Visit the FirstBank account login page to enroll for alert notifications.

2)  Watch out for suspicious emails

Unsolicited emails requesting personal information are most likely a scam. These emails are known as “Phishing emails” and can cause great harm if you provide personal information. Do not click any links or download attachments from these emails. Mark them as “Spam” to avoid future solicitation. 

3)  Be Cautious Online

There’s nothing wrong with being overly cautious when conducting a transaction electronically. It’s a good idea to verify payment instructions with a phone call. Fraudsters compromise email systems, create fake websites, or initiate fake phone calls to misdirect valid payments, so any precautions you can take will help you stay safe.

4) Spot the Fraudsters

Fraudsters may pose as a representative from Microsoft or other computer support companies and ask to remotely control your computer. Verify their legitimacy before allowing any access by calling the company directly and confirming. 

5)  Do not reuse or share passwords.

Make sure financial information login credentials are unique, difficult to guess and do not contain personal information. It’s also a great idea to avoid having one password for multiple sites and to change passwords frequently. 

If you see suspicious activity or something doesn’t feel right when accessing your account online contact us right away. For more information visit