One of FirstBank’s missions is to help businesses get big. It’s one of the reasons we feature our customers on billboards, use their products or services for promotions like Capture the Cube and why we regularly feature customers on our blog, including A Guy With Squeegee owner, Denny Wetmore. But full disclosure: We also find… Read More

A recent report finds that illegal card skimming continues to grow and has costed consumers more than $2 billion. Skimming is big business, netting crooks an average of $50,000 ($50,000!) each time. Unfortunately, skimming is an increasingly popular method for thieves to steal credit or debit card numbers and PINs, where cardholders swipe to pay… Read More

62 percent of us worry about money so much it regularly impacts our sleep, according to a recent survey by This means that two out of three people are lying awake at night thinking about their finances. When you consider that the combination of anxiety and sleep deprivation can impair your judgment or lead… Read More

According to the IRS, tax fraud this season will hit a whopping $21 billion. For many fraudsters, tax season can mean intercepting important tax documents and fooling unsuspecting taxpayers to steal their money. Two scams have been gaining momentum in the U.S.: 1) Fraudsters take your tax documents, such as a W-2, and file a… Read More

Customer service is so many things, but it’s most importantly about convenience.  Products, services and interactions with a company should always be as convenient as possible for the customer.  After all, companies won’t last long without a customer base.  At FirstBank, we strive to provide the most convenient and beneficial products possible.  From our Anywhere… Read More

Wire transfers can be a convenient way to send guaranteed funds quickly. That makes them an attractive way for criminals to steal funds. Fortunately, our crack team of fraud prevention experts here at FirstBank has some advice to help you protect your hard-earned money and prevent you from becoming a victim of wire fraud. Before… Read More

How EMV Cards Offer Smarter Security The credit cards in your wallet are going to be getting smarter. Instead of featuring a strip of magnetic tape that holds your account information, many new cards have a metallic-colored square, typically on the front. Under this square is a computer chip that contains your financial data and… Read More

Being “old school” means something different to everyone. It could be in reference to your fashion sense, your relationship status, if you prefer paper or plastic, how you treat your elders, etc. It can also, in my case, be in reference to how I do my banking. You see, although I work at FirstBank, I… Read More

Starting late 2014 when Apple announced the release of Apple Pay–-a “no-card-needed” capability to help consumers make easy purchases—retailers and consumers rejoiced. FirstBank just started offering Apple Pay payment services and we’re thrilled that we can bring this kind of technology to our customers! If you don’t know much about Apple Pay (and you have the… Read More

Are you a business owner? If you are, we have a feeling you’ll understand these two questions all too well: Q: What is my business worth??? (Endless question marks and painful pondering) A: One of the reasons for this unfortunate, gnawing question is there is no hard and fast answer.   However, I’m happy to share… Read More