Through FirstBank’s devotion to ‘banking for good’, we are often introduced to amazing organizations that are dedicated to bettering our shared community. The bank’s VTO (volunteer time off) program provides employees the time to contribute to nonprofits they are passionate about, such as Neighborhood Rehab Project.

The Neighborhood Rehab Project is a nonprofit that brings communities together, encouraging them to act as neighbors and help each other out. They accomplish this by facilitating partnerships and collaborations with cities, churches, service clubs, businesses and residents to address the problem of individuals living without warm, dry or safe shelter.

Headlining this mission is the annual “Be A Tool: Day of Service”, where thousands of volunteers are brought together in Arvada, Englewood, Golden and Idaho Springs to ensure families and individuals have adequate shelter. A few FirstBankers volunteered with the nonprofit on July 26, and shared their experiences to embolden everyone, with the time and willingness to make a difference, to volunteer for the upcoming Day of Service on Saturday, Sept. 7.  Registration for this event is open until Sunday, Aug. 25. To get involved, visit

James Robuck:

Neighborhood Rehab Project’s “Be a Tool: Day of Service” is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to help out our family, friends, and community members who could use a little help with property upkeep and home repair. Kathy is an elderly member of the Golden community who needed some help with maintenance around her yard and home. It turns out, Kathy was a banker before she retired to take care of her parents. I feel blessed that we were able to help out a fellow banker in need, and Kathy was an absolute delight to talk with. 

Our FirstBank team of volunteers did an outstanding job on Kathy’s property with new window screens, shaping up the yard, painting the porch and trim on her home, and revitalizing her dog’s outdoor space. The whole team put in a great day of hard work and fun in the hot sun, to which I say, “Thank you all very much!” But the big shout out goes to Manuel and Carlos who went above and beyond, building a shiny new fence for Kathy’s pup and repainting the porch with an air gun. I encourage anyone in the community to volunteer for the official “Be a Tool: Day of Service” coming up in September!

Bea Bunt:

As a long-time employee of FirstBank, I have had many opportunities to volunteer. However, this experience was by far one of the best. Showing up at the residence of someone in need of maintenance around their property was quite a workout, but extremely rewarding at the end of the day. The FirstBank team impressed me the most. I thought that we were all just bankers and quickly learned that is not 100 percent true. Not only did we do yard work, but we also got creative by building a nice little fence around the homeowner’s back porch steps so that her dog could have a safe space to enjoy the outdoors.

The day provided memories that will stick with me forever, thanks to my fellow volunteers that made me laugh and smile. It was very enjoyable because we became a team and had a lot of fun doing it. The most rewarding part was at the end when we were able to meet the homeowner, Kathy. She was able to come out and chat with the team about her days when she was in banking herself. Seeing her happiness touched my heart.

Jim Todd:

My first volunteer project with FirstBank introduced me to Community Faith in Action and Neighborhood Rehab Project. Learning more about their missions, through helping someone in need with general house and yard work, was truly rewarding. I enjoyed working outdoors with a great group of fellow FirstBank volunteers. I highly recommend volunteering with Neighborhood Rehab Project and look forward to participating in my next project.   

Manuel Tavarez:

It was my first time volunteering with Neighborhood Rehab Project. It was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed being able to help out. We were giving back to the community while meeting new people at FirstBank that share similar interests. The Day of Service involves so many people outside of the organization, and I can only imagine how many great individuals will participate.

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