“Banking for good” is about inspiring goodwill and encouraging others to do something unexpectedly kind for others. Are you looking for inspiration on how to do “good” in your community? You’re in luck.

As part of our 60th Anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of 60 random acts of goodness – one for each year we’ve been in business.

  1. Purchase groceries for the person behind you
  2. Pay for someone’s Uber/Lyft ride
  3. Donate gently-used blankets or board games to a local retirement home
  4. Surprise someone who’s adopting a pet and cover the costs
  5. Donate pet toys to a local animal shelter
  6. Pay for someone’s parking meter 
  7. Pick up the dinner tab for a random family
  8. Pay for a stranger’s layaway bill
  9. Leave a large or unexpected tip for your waiter or barista
  10. Help pay off overdue school lunch debts
  11. Pay for someone’s wash and dry cycle at a local laundromat
  12. Donate children’s books to a library or daycare nearby
  13. Gift care packages to first responders (i.e., doctors, nurses, firefighters, or law enforcement)
  14. Pick up trash/litter at your neighborhood park
  15. Put together care packages for the homeless
  16. Pay for someone’s gas
  17. Pay for a commuter’s bus fare
  18. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog
  19. Write encouraging words in chalk on sidewalks throughout your park or neighborhood 
  20. Instead of throwing out mailer coupons, gift them to an elderly neighbor or family member
  21. Join the Big Brother/Sister program at your local YMCA/recreation center
  22. Become a donor at your local blood drive
  23. Help coach little league in your area
  24. Donate unused canned food to a local food drive
  25. Instead of birthday gifts, pick a donation and ask family/friends to donate on your special day
  26. Leave a positive review on a family-owned bar or restaurant’s social media page
  27. Plant a tree
  28. Buy reusable grocery bags and hand them out to strangers at the store
  29. When purchasing a movie ticket, pay for the person behind you
  30. Send a card/letter to a deployed service member
  31. When eating out, buy a meal for your waiter
  32. Buy a flower bouquet and gift them to a stranger
  33. If you own a business, offer “free” days (i.e., family portraits, tax advice, therapy sessions, etc.)
  34. Help a stranger load groceries into their car
  35. If you work in an office, buy Girl Scout or Boy Scout treats and leave them in the break room with a “help yourself!” sign
  36. Make a charitable donation to an organization you care about
  37. Run errands for a busy family member
  38. When it snows, shovel an elderly neighbor’s walkway
  39. Ride your bike or walk to work
  40. Take some extra time out of your day to listen to a friend/stranger
  41. Thank a teacher with a special gift
  42. Donate your hair after a haircut
  43. Create positive bookmarks and hide them at your local library
  44. Sign up to be an organ donor
  45. Leave snacks and refreshments for delivery drivers
  46. Shop local
  47. Let an elderly stranger cut you in line
  48. Give up your seat on the bus/train
  49. Fill an iPod with the 1930s, 40s, and 50s era music and donate it to a retirement home
  50. Help reduce paper waste and switch to eStatements/paperless mail
  51. Pay for a student’s yearbook
  52. Leave treats for the cleaning crew at your office
  53. Pick up other people’s trash that was left behind
  54. Compliment a stranger
  55. Donate stuffed animals and coloring books to an orphanage/foster home
  56. Share other acts of kindness online
  57. Write a positive LinkedIn review for your coworker
  58. Offer to babysit for a couple’s night out
  59. Return your shopping cart to the corral
  60. Email a former teacher to say thank you

Join us in celebrating FirstBank’s 60th Anniversary! Stay tuned for more at efirstbankblog.com.

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