One of FirstBank’s missions is to help businesses get big. It’s one of the reasons we feature our customers on billboards, use their products or services for promotions like Capture the Cube and why we regularly feature customers on our blog, including A Guy With Squeegee owner, Denny Wetmore. But full disclosure: We also find Denny hilarious. Check out his Elevator Pitch contest video below.

A Guy With A Squeegee – “Elevator Pitch” from Denny Wetmore on Vimeo.

The man behind the squeegee

Chances are if you got the opportunity to meet A Guy With a Squeegee, you would remember. Owner and operator, who boasts the cheeky slogan, “Ooh, you’re a dirty little window, aren’t you?” started the window-cleaning business several years ago when he first moved to Denver with his wife.

The business concept was simple: help give homes and businesses really clean windows – at a flat, easy price. But the former military man, marketer and 3D modeler’s comical brand approach and occasional silly video helped differentiate him from competitors and kept his business buzzing.

“The people that hire me are usually the ones that like my quirky videos and get my sense of humor,” said Denny. “But I pride myself on doing really good, quality work and that’s how I keep customers coming back.”

Denny has no problem poking fun of himself or his drastic career transformation. His About Us page even satirically remarks, “He [Denny] could have been elected the youngest president in the history of America. But damnit – the guy just likes washing windows.”

“It’s not a super sexy thing to say you’re washing windows.  But it’s a good, honest business,” added Denny.

So how did he get here?

Following in his dad’s footsteps

Denny started washing windows at 15-years-old, a trade he learned while helping his father with his own cleaning start-up. When Denny graduated from high school, money was tight for his hardworking, small business family. So he made the difficult decision of joining the army to help fund his college career.

Going rogue

Denny Beret

After a three-year tour as an Army Ranger and emergency medical technician (EMT), Denny eventually went to and graduated from Fort Lewis College with a marketing degree. But it wasn’t until he held a series of jobs, eventually landing a position in an architecture firm, that the sometimes bureaucratic nature of the corporate world started to weigh on Denny’s fun-loving mind, and a familiar, entrepreneurial itch resurfaced. Enter “A Guy With a Squeegee.”

“I just knew having a desk job wasn’t for me. I needed to be my own boss and love what I do,” said Denny.

Keeping at it

Now several years down the road, after some ups and downs, including the loss of his father, Denny is finally hitting his stride as Denver’s best window washer. His plan is to hire a few more employees and eventually expand services to other Denver-metro markets.

So what piece of advice does he have for entrepreneurs trying to ‘make it’?

“You’re not alone. There’s always going to be problems with equipment, money, employees. The key is to finding a support system, whether that be your family, friends or a networking group — just keep at it. Oh, and don’t fall off a ladder.”

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