Ever wonder what security measures FirstBank takes? Here are just a few ways FirstBank protects itself from malicious web attacks. Let’s just say we’ve learned a bit from a little series called Game of Thrones:

We test to ensure there are no “Littlefingers” that can manipulate and steal from us. Okay, so it’s actually called “application testing” and it’s where we test public-facing internet applications, using a third party testing company. Malicious actors are constantly testing public portions of financial websites for vulnerabilities that they can exploit for financial gain. In fact, GoT fans may notice Littlefinger does the same thing for his chance at the throne. While thorough training and development best-practices can help prevent potential weaknesses on our website, third-party testing is necessary at every stage of an application’s lifecycle to catch vulnerabilities that were missed.

Our Wall helps keep White Walkers and the Army of the Dead out. Alright, so our wall is a little different, but it still helps keep the enemies at bay. We call it a firewall, though, and it’s used to control access around our network. Similar to how “The Wall” protects unwanted access from the White Walkers, but lets the rangers through; firewalls restrict access to only needed traffic, so if an attacker were to compromise one computer, it won’t have free access to the rest of the network.

We have our own Night’s Watch that serves and protects. We have our own version of the Night’s Watch (or as we like to call it, Web Application Firewall), which helps ensure there’s nothing malicious that can hurt our customers – just like the Night’s Watch monitors The Wall to protect the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms. We monitor web traffic to detect malicious activity. Web Application Firewall helps us put a stop to that.

Oh yeah….we have Dragons. If you’re following along with GoT, we all know the Night King and the Army of the Dead are getting ready to do some serious damage. What better way to help protect and defend than by hiring a few dragons to survey the land, find the enemies and take ‘em down. Except our dragons aren’t named Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion. We wish they were. They’re named Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Basically, it allows us to spot attackers like the White Walkers, dead soldiers, even Cersei (she’s so evil!) and get rid of them. While firewalls control access, the IPS goes a step further by looking at the traffic and deciding what to do with it.

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