Las opciones de pago sin contacto y las aplicaciones de pago móvil de persona a persona (person to person, P2P), como CashApp, Venmo o Zelle®, se han vuelto cada vez más populares (página en inglés). Como resultado, los estafadores han adaptado sus tácticas para aprovechar la comodidad de los consumidores con el envío rápido de dinero a… Read More

FirstBank is excited to introduce the Real-Time Payments (RTP®) system, which makes funds immediately available and reduces cash flow challenges present with other payment methods. What are Real-Time Payments®? Real-Time Payments can move money into a business or consumer account within seconds and can be immediately accessed.   In addition to immediate funds availability, other… Read More

Contactless payment options and P2P mobile payment apps like CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle® have become increasingly popular. As a result, fraudsters have adapted their tactics to take advantage of consumers’ comfort while quickly sending money to a friend for dinner or a housekeeper for services. We’ve put together some tips and red flags to watch… Read More

When it comes to creating a seamless customer experience, your business is only as efficient as the tools you use. These simple banking solutions can help put money back in your pocket and time back into your day. Business Banking Accounts Do some research online and you’ll quickly notice that business accounts come with a… Read More

There have been recent questions and concerns about the American Rescue Plan Act – a new IRS tax law, requiring certain payment networks to report $600 or more in total payments received for goods and services in a calendar year. Our goal is to provide clarity on how this new law may impact individuals and… Read More