La mayoría de las personas enfrentan deudas en algún momento. De hecho, la deuda de los consumidores aumentó a casi $15 billones (pagina en inglés) en 2020. Es por eso que usar el crédito de manera inteligente es sumamente fundamental, y el objetivo del artículo de hoy es proporcionar una breve guía para ayudarle a administrar… Read More

Regardless of what life stage you are in, financial health should be at the top of your resolution list for 2019. According to Fidelity Investments, nearly one-third of Americans plan to make money resolutions for the New Year. Here are 5 money goals to consider: Make a dent in your debt. According to a recent… Read More

Congrats, Grad! That can be the most exciting and terrifying phrase for a college graduate after collecting a diploma. On one hand, the years spent neglecting sleep on a questionable diet, while trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle are over. On the other, it’s time to find a job and begin the adult portion of… Read More

They say college is the best years of your life. In a blink of an eye those years are gone and you’re walking up to accept your diploma. Pictures and memories will be your only reminder of those great years. Well those and crushing student loans. While you could pay minimum payments every month for… Read More