Protecting our planet is a collective responsibility that benefits us all. Though the idea of making these changes may seem overwhelming, even the smallest of actions possess the potential to have significant impacts as time goes on. Be a Conscious Consumer Being a conscious consumer helps to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Conscious consumerism means… Read More

According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), National Pollinator Week is celebrated from June 19th through June 23rd. Here are 10 simple ways to help some of the most vital pollen workers in our ecosystem all year. Build a Bee Garden One of the most significant threats to bees is a lack of safe habitat.… Read More

In 2021 and 2022, FirstBank partnered with global reforestation nonprofit, One Tree Planted, to help plant 100,000 trees across Colorado, Arizona, and California. This year, the bank is going even bigger. For every consumer checking account opened from June 5th (World Environment Day) to September 16th (World Ozone Day), the bank will donate* to a… Read More

With the climate crisis at the forefront of everyone’s mind, FirstBank puts “banking for good” to action with its many environmental initiatives. Here are eight ways FirstBank has strived to foster sustainability and help preserve our planet. Planting Trees In 2022 and 2021, FirstBank partnered with global reforestation nonprofit, One Tree Planted, to plant a total of 100,000… Read More

Con la crisis climática en la mente de todos, FirstBank pone en práctica el eslogan “banking for Good” con sus numerosas iniciativas ambientales. Estas son ocho formas en las que FirstBank se ha esforzado por fomentar la sostenibilidad y ayudar a preservar nuestro planeta. Plantando árboles En 2022 y 2021, FirstBank se asoció con la… Read More