The Scam

Over the past several months, there have been a growing number of “spoofing” attempts being made in the financial industry, including on FirstBank customers. Fraudsters are using falsified caller ID numbers to trick FirstBank customers into thinking they’re receiving a call from our organization.

These scammers are not only contacting FirstBank customers, acting as bank representatives, but they’re requesting sensitive information over the phone in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to their personal details and bank accounts.

The Main Takeaway

These callers are not FirstBank employees, so please don’t share your personal information with them. In fact, no financial institution or government agency, including FirstBank, will ever call you or email you, unprompted, requesting sensitive information, including: passwords, account details or social security numbers.

Never release sensitive information over the phone when receiving an unsolicited call.

If You’re a Victim

If you have further questions or concerns or think you might be a victim of this particular incident, please call FirstBank’s fraud department immediately at 800-964-3444.

Aside from this spoofing scam, fraud comes in many forms. Check out these tips to ensure you are aware of potential threats, and doing the most to protect your information and money.

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