FirstBank and Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Colorado’s favorite TexMex eatery, are partnering up in support of LGBTQ youth during Pride.

During the entire month of June (Pride Month), stop by the Rio’s locations in Denver, Boulder or Lone Tree and try their Hibiscus Spritz drink*. For each one sold, FirstBank will donate $3 (or 50% of the purchase price) to The Center’s Rainbow Alley, a safe space and support program for LGBTQ youth**.

  • What: $3 donated for every Hibiscus Spritz drink sold.
  • Participating Rio Grande locations:
    • Denver: 1525 Blake Street
    • Boulder: 1101 Walnut Street
    • Lone Tree: 9535 Park Meadows Drive
  • When: The entire month of June.

PrideFest Freebies

FirstBank will also be giving out Kona Ice rainbow snow cones, Mile High City Sliders and other goodies at this year’s PrideFest Parade, the largest LGBTQ pride celebration in the Rocky Mountain region produced by The Center, a nonprofit aimed at empowering and advancing the LGBTQ community.

  • What: FREE Kona Ice rainbow snow cones, Mile High City Sliders and more.
  • Where: In the parking lot of our Franklin and Colfax location at 1617 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver. The branch is on the parade’s route.
  • When: Sunday, June 16 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. or while supplies last.

*Hibiscus Spritz is a non-alcoholic beverage. For more information, go to

**FirstBank will donate $3 per purchase (or 50% of the purchase price), up to $5,000, towards The Center’s Rainbow Alley, a safe space for LGBTQ youth. Offer is only valid from June 1-June 30, 2019.

10 comments on “FirstBank and Rio Grande Team up to Support LGBTQ Youth

  • Why is my bank advertising and celebrating a politically charged cause like this? I’m going to have to start looking for another bank. Whether you believe in God or evolution, homosexuality is deviant behavior. LGBTQ people should be supported but not celebrated! Especially by finanacial institutions that have truly nothing to do with sexual preference choices!

    • Hi Dave, Thanks for your feedback, and apologies if you took any offense. That’s never our intent. FirstBank believes in embracing diversity and inclusion, and that means supporting all our customers, employees and communities. Pride also has nothing to do with celebrating politics or politically charged campaigns; it’s about supporting humanity.

    • I think we all play a role in developing and supporting an inclusive society where people of all cultures, sexual preferences, religious preferences and social economic classes are treated with dignity and respect and made to feel like they are a valuable and contributing member of our community. We should celebrate this diversity and not shun it.

  • normal/straight people are humans also – when can I expect my ‘normal people month’? Diversity is diverse, supporting just one side and calling it diversity is politically charged. Why not just call this whole campaign “Diversity support” instead of LGBTQ – its fine to call Christmas Season as “Holidays” but this one has to be specific…. I’ll be closing my firstbank account within couple of months after I transfer everything over to my new bank account, this is truly offensive, one sided, politically charged, etc.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback, and we’re sorry to hear you feel this is one-sided and offensive. Pride is about humanity, not politics for us. Second, we believe vehemently in diversity and inclusion, and that means supporting and celebrating everyone. In fact, we don’t just stand by our employees and customers for Pride Month, we also support and celebrate them in Black History Month, on Veterans Day, International Women’s Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Chinese New Year, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Diwuli, Christmas and everything in between. As a result, we celebrate “normal people” everyday, and believe normal people can be African American, Asian, Hispanic, come from different cultures, backgrounds, have different beliefs, and even be LGBTQ. That’s what diversity and inclusion is about.

  • I’ve had (past tense, please notice).with 1st bank and Chase. 1stBank is first andhas been since 2009.

    Chase Bsmk account I closed today because I learned the.
    CEO, Jimmy Diamond had made a deal with Jeff Bezo, Amazon,. That’s why I saw an Amazon container in the Chase Edgewater, CO. So why am I saying no moreChase because of the connection to Amazon? I learned this week that Amazon supports NRA. And what does NRA refuses to let go of the machine guns
    , etc that are meant for killing human the Columbine high school and all the others…Oh there are others..I’m starting with Amazon.
    Thank you 1st Bank for partnering with humanity. And no
    In case anyone is thinking about my sexual preferences. I am a heterosexual celibate, have been for over 30 years. 1stBank I want you on board with my fight for justice. Thank you. I am a female veteran, Vietnam era and widow of a WWIi veteran.please don’t thank me for my service. I was severely sexually injured. I did not join the military to be someone’s whore.

  • Kudos to First Bank for supporting diversity. This entire country of ours needs to embrace all diversities; regardless of political affiliation. I proudly wear a tee shirt that says, Make American KIND again. You cannot be great if you are not first and foremost kind. I love First Bank. I say that out loud after each and every conversation with a First Bank employee.

  • I love First Bank and am so touched that you are celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Thank you for acknowledging that I too am normal.

  • Thank you for supporting diversity in our great state. I appreciate a bank who addresses social inequities, making an effort to assure that everyone has opportunity to be treated without discrimination. We have fought and won the Civil Rights battle but seems that efforts must still be justified. Appreciate the leadership in this effort.

  • ALL people need to be treated with respect. When you support LGBTQ, you are really supporting a sexual lifestyle.

    I have great respect for your advertising spokesman. Did he sign on to this campaign and does he support deviant sexual behavior, which is what Pride month really is? I don’t and will not support doing business with this bank either.

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