It’s March and that can only mean one thing: St. Patrick’s day is here. While your local town or city likely hosts a parade (or at minimum, has a pub with its own St. Paddy’s Day celebration), to do St. Patrick’s day right, you’ll need to pack a bag.

With Americans expected to spend over $5 Billion on the holiday, we’ve picked four destinations to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Don’t let the fear of missing out make you green with envy this St. Patrick’s day.


It probably goes without saying, but Dublin is the place to be for all things St. Patrick. The parade often draws in over half a million participants and lasts four days. Highlights include the famous greening of the city, where buildings across Dublin are illuminated green; visiting the Guinness Brewery or Jameson Distillery; touring St. Patrick’s Cathedral; and stopping by the iconic Temple Bar.

Make sure you stay safe. Obey all posted signage during the parade and festivities and, of course, drink lots of water. *Contrary to popular belief, Guinness is not water, folks.

New York.

The Big Apple? More like the Big Shamrock. No need to renew the passport with New York City hosting the oldest and biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the U.S. The New York parade is so old it pre-dates both the Declaration of Independence and even the oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ireland. It’s no wonder that there are more than 250,000 participants. At about 1/3 the size of Dublin’s parade, you’ll be able to stretch out a bit as you watch along Fifth Avenue. Be sure to get there early as front row viewing fills up quickly with spectators and curious passersby. The parade features bagpipes, Celtic dancers (not to be confused with the Boston Celtics Cheerleaders), military, and dogs. Yes, furry creatures… like Irish Hounds will be walking the streets! Who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish will rub off and this experience will be your pot of gold.

Buenos Aires.

Coming right off the tail of Carnival earlier this month, Buenos Aires is no stranger to colorful celebrations. Rivaling the size of New York’s parade, the celebration of La Fiesta de San Patricio brings together 500,000 Irish decedents from across Argentina to party in the streets. Blurring the lines between Irish, Scottish, and Celtic, the parade features Irish classics, as well as elves, bagpipers, and fairies. Highlights include the town of Luján’s St. Paddy’s Day pilgrimage (a parade, Catholic Mass, and town lunch/social) and The Hurling Club of Buenos Aires’ annual late night dance. Oddly enough, you likely won’t find Guinness at the pubs, but rather Argentinian dark beers alongside traditional Irish dishes.


If you’re looking for a St. Paddy’s parade a little closer to home, look no further than Chicago. The Windy City hosts not one, but two shamrock studded parades on both the North and South side of the city. A true weekend warrior can attend both as the North Side parade takes place on the Saturday before the holiday, while the South Side takes place on the Sunday before, which this year is St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re observing the green dyeing of the Chicago River from a boat, hanging out in Irish Wilde Bar’s pub, or checking out the Irish music scene, there’s always something fun to do.

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