The work world has drastically changed over the last year and landing a new job may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, the New Year may be a great time to secure a new career. And while many practices have changed to accommodate the current environment, these tips will help you stand out as a candidate.

1. Become a video conferencing master

Video conferences are where most meetings, conversations, and virtual hallway interactions occur now. If you can show proficiency or even better yet, mastery, it’ll go a long way to show your potential employer you understand this new world and can help them navigate it. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the main video conferencing software. Consider having practice meetings with friends or family, and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, think about taking an online course. This is a chance to really shine and an opportunity previous candidates never had.

2. Work is online, your resume should be too

Savvy job seekers have long understood the power of online resumes and portfolios to creatively showcase their achievements. Digital portfolios can paint a detailed picture of your entire career path in an engaging way and highlight your understanding of the modern world. They’re also a great way to show your individuality and impress potential employers with your tech-savviness. With so many intuitive website builders and pre-built templates, it’s also easier than ever to start building your online resume today.

3. Revamp your LinkedIn presence

Research shows that recruiters put a lot of trust in LinkedIn and they use the tool often to scout candidates. A top notch, polished presence is more important than ever. Consider updating your profile frequently to reflect your latest skills. If you’re trying to land a work-from-home job, put emphasis on attributes that are useful for working remotely, such as digital tool literacy and ability to work independently.

4. Know your webcam etiquette

Even though we’re behind our webcams, first impressions are still very much a thing in this remote world — that means you should still dress for the role you want. And remember to light yourself from the front. Lighting from the back makes you look like a silhouette at best, or a talking head in witness protection, at worst. Neither presents the first impression you’re looking for, and you’ll lose the ability to connect visually with your interviewer.

Making connections can make for successful job candidates. Making eye contact can make for more impactful first impressions. So, how do you make virtual eye contact? Think of your webcam camera as your interviewer’s eyes and do your best to maintain the connection.

The new remote work world can be intimidating, but for those who pay attention, this brave new world offers some great chances to stand out. For more articles and tips take a digital stroll through our blog.

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