Colorado Gives Day 2020 zipped past us and we’re happy to report that it was a MASSIVE success. In one day, 225,440 donations totaling over $50 million were made! 🙌🎉 That is an incredible figure and a powerful reminder that we can achieve something truly astounding when we come together.

These donations will help 2,828 nonprofit organizations continue to serve Colorado communities throughout the Centennial State. Thank you to all of you who participated, we can’t wait to see you for Colorado Gives Day 2021!

What is Colorado Gives Day?

Colorado Gives Day (CGD) is a one-day online giving event that benefits over 2,900 nonprofits, and as a result, all Coloradans. FirstBank partnered with Community First Foundation (CFF) in 2010 to create Colorado Gives Day, and since then, the giving movement has raised an astounding $307 million.

How You Can Help

Donations for CGD can be scheduled in advance or processed on December 8, 2020. Important information about each can be found below.

Schedule a donation in advance

Advance donations can be scheduled beginning November 1, 2020 until December 7 at 11:59 p.m. To schedule your donation visit, search for your preferred nonprofit and select “Donate Now.”

Important: For an advance donation to count toward CGD, under Donation Frequency, click the button “Colorado Gives Day”. Enter the details of your donation, and click “Add to Cart.” Complete the checkout process.

Donate on Colorado Gives Day

Visit on December 8, 2020, search for your preferred nonprofit and select “Donate Now.” Complete the checkout process.

How to Amplify Your Giving

FirstBank and Community First Foundation have each contributed $500,000 to create a $1 Million Incentive Fund. This fund will amplify giving on CGD by proportionally matching the percentage amount raised by each nonprofit. For example, if nonprofit X raises 10 percent of the total donation amount on CGD, they will receive 10 percent of the Incentive Fund as a matching contribution on behalf of FirstBank and CFF.

Contributing to your preferred nonprofit and encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to do the same is the best way to help your chosen nonprofit benefit from the incentive fund.

Colorado Gives Day Events 2020

The run up to CGD is filled with exciting events for our donors and nonprofits, so drop by for some virtual fun and a chance to win a few prizes along the way.

Facebook Trivia (November 30 – December 4)

Visit our FirstBank Facebook page from Monday, Nov. 30 to Friday, Dec. 4 for a week of fun trivia and prize donations! Trivia questions will be posted with the @ColoradoGives tag twice daily, and winners will be chosen at random from the pool of correct answers the very same day. Winners will receive a cash contribution toward a nonprofit of their choosing!

Virtual Rally (December 1)

Community First Foundation and will stream a short virtual CGD rally on #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1 at 9 a.m. FirstBank will be giving away $1,000 to eligible nonprofits. Visit the Colorado Gives Facebook page to see if your favorite nonprofit won a prize! #GivingTuesday is also the perfect opportunity to schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation!

Grand Prize Giveaway (December 15)

Three lucky nonprofits will be have a chance to win one of three cash prizes worth $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000 as part of FirstBank’s CGD Grand Prize Giveaway.

The drawing will take place LIVE on Tuesday, Dec. 15. on Denver7’s Mile High Living program. To be eligible to win, nonprofits must receive at least 50 donations on Colorado Gives Day in one of two ways:

  1. Donations are made on December 8, 2020
  2. Donations are scheduled between November 1st and December 7th to be made on December 8, 2020

For an advance donations to count toward CGD, donors must select “Colorado Gives Day” under the “Donation Frequency” option at checkout.

Meet the Nonprofits

Colorado Gives Day may be a single day, but for the 2,900 (and counting) participating nonprofits, the work of improving Colorado never stops. Each of these organizations work tirelessly to strengthen our communities and make the Centennial State that much nicer to call home.

We worked with CFF to spotlight six of these wonderful nonprofits in a series of short films highlighting each of their missions, and what Colorado Gives Day means to them. Check out the entire collection of nonprofit highlight videos or choose a nonprofit from the list below to find out more about each one individually.

Give it Forward

At FirstBank we’re guided by our ethos of banking for good. One of the ways we’ve put that into practice is by launching our Give it Forward campaign in 2014 to inspire goodwill.

Previously, FirstBank employees have posed as servers to pick up dinner tabs, pumped free fuel and bagged free groceries. Last year, FirstBankers went undercover as vet technicians in order to surprise furry families by covering their vet bills.

Why do we do that? The answer is simple.

In addition to putting a 😊 on someone’s face, we’ve found these acts of kindness encourage people to Give it Forward by donating on Colorado Gives Day.

Give it Forward 2020

For our Give it Forward surprise this year we covered grocery bills for King Soopers and City Market curbside shoppers at different locations across Colorado. In doing so, we managed to pay for over $25,000 worth of groceries for Colorado families, and more importantly, offer some relief during a turbulent time for many.

Check out some of our past Give it Forward videos below, and don’t forget Colorado Gives Day is December 8, 2020.

Give it forward 2019

FirstBank employees went undercover as Vet Technicians at 7 Animal Hospitals to surprise over 120 Colorado families by paying their bills.

Give it forward 2018

FirstBank employees went undercover as servers at 5 restaurants to surprise Coloradoans with a free lunch.

Give it forward 2017

For three days in November 2017, FirstBank visited gas stations across Colorado to surprise commuters with a free tank of gas.

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