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Officers at FirstBank are not your typical bankers.  Did you know that each officer at FirstBank is sent to Graduate Banking School?  FirstBank knows and understands the importance of training and developing its employees so that they are able to better serve its customers.  It’s for this reason that after roughly five years of service to the company, FirstBank encourages each and every officer to enroll in one of three schools that offer a graduate degree program in banking.  The three schools FirstBank officers can be sent to are University of Colorado – Boulder, University of Washington – Seattle, and University of Wisconsin – Madison.  “Banking School” sessions last two weeks and are held in three consecutive years.  In the periods between sessions, the students are required to complete various projects and papers.  FirstBank officers are taught a variety of banking related topics.  Some of those topics include:  how to manage day-to-day functions at a bank, different regulatory requirements and changes that banks face daily, and leadership amongst their organization and community.  Of course, after officers return from their third and final year of “Banking School”, they must be congratulated on their accomplishment.  These pictures show how one officer in Arizona was welcomed back to work.  Many customers asked what the significance of the Justin Beiber cardboard cut-out was.  There was no real answer to that question – the branch just felt that the addition of “Beibs” made the decorations all the better.

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