Finding love may be priceless, but dating doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, with the right amount of creativity and planning, you can have a great time for $20.

Whether you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, celebrating an anniversary, or want to make a date night extra special, you can execute an incredible date for $20 or less. 

Picnic in the park

A great meal is as much about the ambiance as the food, and a picnic is a great way to have an affordable dinner with a spectacular view. Let’s see the cost breakdown: 

Brie Cheese Wedge$4.50
Water Crackers$2.50
Italian Salami$4.30
Sparkling Wine (197 mL)$5.50
Chocolate Hearts$3.50

Now that you’ve snagged a complete meal on the cheap, it’s time to find the perfect locale. Consider these if you’re in Colorado, Arizona, or California. 


  1. Cheeseman Park (Denver)
  2. City Park (Denver)
  3. Wonderland Lake Park (Boulder)


  1. Papago Park (Phoenix)
  2. Fountain Park (Fountain Hills)
  3. Civic Space Park (Phoenix)


  1. Victoria Park (Palm Springs)
  2. Lake Hemet (Riverside County)
  3. Indian Canyons (Palm Springs)

Have a cookoff 

If you’re keen on showing off your culinary skills, consider cooking for your special someone. Even better, bring your significant other in on the action. Making a meal together can turn a simple dinner into a bonding experience. Cooking a meal at home is five times cheaper than eating out, on average.

Kitchen novice? Consider one of these easy, cheap recipes: 

Apple Sage Stuffed Pork Chops for Two

Quick and easy, this is a recipe you might fall in love with. 

One Pot Cheesy Rigatoni for Two 

One Pot? Cheesy? You can’t go wrong with this one. 


There are plenty of ways to get a good show on the cheap and possibly even free. Here are some date night activities to consider. 

Enjoy a museum or art gallery 

Many museums and art galleries offer free entry to locals on certain days. With some planning, you can take in the show without paying a dime. Check out the following lists for free 2022 events in your area. 

  1. Mile High on the Cheap (Denver)
  2. Visit Phoenix (Phoenix)
  3. Visit Greater Palm Springs (Palm Springs)

Check out an observatory or stargaze outside 

Nothing is more romantic than starlight! Bring along the picnic platter from tip #1 for even more fun. Most observatories offer free or discounted days, and stargazing outside a park or hiking spot is always free. 

Browse a bookstore

Couples who read together stay together. Shared hobbies can strengthen bonds and create more fulfilling relationships. Have fun perusing books at your favorite shop or at a local library and sharing your favorites with one another. 

Volunteer together

Helping others as a couple can be a great way to bond over a common cause. In fact, studies have shown volunteering together releases hormones associated with increased happiness and intimacy. 

It’s the perfect way to start a new partnership or rekindle an old one without any money spent. 

Dating shouldn’t get in the way of your savings goals, and it’s entirely possible to have an excellent time for under $20. 

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