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This week we’re sharing finance tips for married couples, what financial document you actually need to keep, and the best states to make a living in 2015. Here’s what you need to know: All families (same-sex and otherwise) should take control of their financial planning. In light of the recent [...]


How EMV Cards Offer Smarter Security The credit cards in your wallet are going to be getting smarter. Instead of featuring a strip of magnetic tape that holds your account information, many new cards have a metallic-colored square, typically on the front. Under this square is a computer chip that [...]


This week we’re sharing how spending money actually buys happiness, why a retirement bucket list is a great way to add excitement, perspective and pleasure to your golden years, and ways to save more by wasting less food. Here’s what you need to know now: Money doesn’t buy happiness. Or [...]


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First Bank Rocks!

It’s not very often that I experience the delight of customer service, but when I’m dealing with First Bank, it is a regular occurrence. Recently, I deposited a check at the branch at Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Broadway. I walked out of work a few hours later to head home, [...]


FirstBank, FirstClass

I bank with FirstBank because it makes no sense to bank elsewhere. The service at FirstBank is always first-class. There are always enough tellers and customer service people. I do not need to wait. Everything gets done quickly and correctly. I never have a problem. Nothing goes wrong. Nobody messes [...]


24 Hour Customer Service

I just thought it was necessary to give a big thank you to a supervisor in your customer service department, Miranda. I called in after going overdrawn in my account, a stupid careless mistake on my part. Since I was already embarrassed by my mistake I really expected the worst [...]


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