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Some of the best news in personal finance gets lost in the vast space that is the internet. Luckily, we’ve pulled some helpful tips to help you manage your money. Here’s what you need to know this week: No matter your best efforts, you could often find yourself saying, “I [...]


We explore the internet for the attention-grabbing headlines so you can have the scoop with the latest news in personal finance. Here’s what you need to know this week: The Center for Retirement Research says that if your pre-retirement income is in the six-figures, you might not be able to [...]


Some people choose to find a resolution once the New Year comes around, and they hope to stick to it. Whether you’re a firm believer in New Year resolutions, or your only resolve is to stay far away from them, a new year means a new opportunity to start fresh. [...]


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First Bank Rocks!

It’s not very often that I experience the delight of customer service, but when I’m dealing with First Bank, it is a regular occurrence. Recently, I deposited a check at the branch at Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Broadway. I walked out of work a few hours later to head home, [...]


FirstBank, FirstClass

I bank with FirstBank because it makes no sense to bank elsewhere. The service at FirstBank is always first-class. There are always enough tellers and customer service people. I do not need to wait. Everything gets done quickly and correctly. I never have a problem. Nothing goes wrong. Nobody messes [...]


24 Hour Customer Service

I just thought it was necessary to give a big thank you to a supervisor in your customer service department, Miranda. I called in after going overdrawn in my account, a stupid careless mistake on my part. Since I was already embarrassed by my mistake I really expected the worst [...]


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