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Author: Rick

When I was asked a few weeks ago by FirstBank to write a blog, I have to admit my initial reaction was similar to that of the 1980’s child TV star Gary Coleman when he said “What you talkin’ bout Willis?” (and the person asking me to write the blog wasn’t named Willis).  I’m not sure I even knew what a blog was a couple years ago, and admittedly, I have read few (if any) blogs myself.

But after pondering it a little bit, I figured why not give it a shot.  After all, I’m the “old guy” who’s been with the company for nearly 19 years.  Maybe I can add some unique perspective to the FirstBank blog.  At a minimum, I should be able to bring a little sense of company history to the conversation.  I wasn’t with the bank when Gary Coleman was antagonizing his siblings on Diff’rent Strokes, but it wasn’t too much later (1994 to be exact) that I joined the company.

1994 was a different time in the banking industry.  Colorado had recently passed legislation that allowed for branch banking which forever changed the landscape of banking in our state.  No longer did you have to go to the same branch to make a deposit or cash a check, you could visit any branch of that organization.  It also opened the door for out of state banks to enter the market.  FirstBank rapidly expanded in the 1980’s and 1990’s, so we were poised to capitalize on the change, and the 1990’s was a decade of significant growth for the bank.  We opened branches on some of the best corners in Colorado, and also opened numerous locations inside of King Soopers grocery stores.   When I moved to Colorado in 1993 (before I started working for the bank), I established my accounts with FirstBank for that very reason.

But fast forward the clock only 20 short years, and look at the changes.  At FirstBank, the fax machine and typewriter have been replaced by scanners, personal computers, and tablets.  We continue to maintain a convenient branch network, and you can still get a donut on Saturday morning at many of our locations, however, while you are munching on that donut, you can also log into our mobile web site (or recently released App) on your smart phone to check balances or make a transfer.

I am excited about the technological changes, but through the changes, our core value of superior customer service remains.  Whether you wish to speak to a loan officer to discuss a large commercial loan, or open your kid’s savings account online, we are here to serve you.  Earlier this year we celebrated (and I do mean celebrated) our 50th anniversary.  It is because of our commitment to customer service that we continue to thrive as an organization.  As we look forward to our next 50 years, I have no idea what changes will occur in the industry, but I am confident that we will continue to provide a superior banking experience for our customers.

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