In addition to watching two of the best NFL teams face off in the biggest sporting event of the year, there’s another reason why so many American’s tune in: Commercials. And why wouldn’t you? Advertisers from major brands throw tons of resources and brainpower to come up with funny, clever, tear-jerking ads that will hopefully resonate with millions of viewers and convince them why they’re a better company, service or product.

At FirstBank, we share similar goals and use ads to communicate a widespread message about why we’re unique from other banks. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that there is a lot that goes into the strategy and decision-making process of an ad campaign, but here are three things you may not realize about our Championship Game ads:

1)   We debuted a new TV commercial with a follow up

For those who haven’t seen it, you can view the full ad at the top of this blog post. It’s not the “happy ending” most may like, but it helped emphasize why a tool like person-to-person transfer is useful in an unpredictable way. We also shot a follow up to this commercial, that aired during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. For those of you who missed the follow up you can view that here:

As Charlie says, “Hopefully we all learned a valuable lesson. Person-to Person Transfers are faster than going to the ATM. And commercials aren’t real.”

2)   We leverage trending news and topics for our ads

In addition to our TV spots, we also launched this billboard near the University of Phoenix—where the Patriots and Seahawks faced off—that prominently says, “Deflate mortgages, not footballs.” 


When the Patriots were all over the media for allegedly under-inflating their footballs, we recognized that “DeflateGate” was not just your run-of-the-mill scandal, but an issue that would come to define the year’s most anticipated game. So we saw an opportunity to take advantage of it in a humorous way and help promote our mortgage offerings in Arizona, where we operate 15 branch locations.

Believe it or not we have a history of jumping on major items for our promotional efforts. When executives from at-risk banks were criticized for taking private jets to congressional hearings in 2009, we flew a one-engine prop plane over Coors Field that read, “This is the closest thing we have to a private jet.”

Opening Day airplane at Coors Field

3)   Our “Deflate Gate” billboard ad was one of FirstBank’s fastest deployed marketing efforts

While most companies spend months meticulously creating their game-time advertisements, we had to act fast to ensure we were making the most of timely news topics. Also, we realized billboard space near the game site is typically booked months in advance. Once we found that there was a newly constructed billboard available, everyone from the bank’s executive team, marketing department and ad agency, TDA_Boulder , worked overtime to come up with a concept and get the billboard in place. It was executed within days of finding out the space was available.

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