Author: Amber

Nobody likes to feel embarrassed.  Embarrassment is an uncomfortable and self-conscious emotion.  I personally know the immediate side effects of feeling embarrassed all too well. The first thought that usually pops into my head, “Lady Speed Stick, don’t fail me now!” It feels as if someone just turned up the heat about 50 degrees on my personal body thermostat!  It is also one of the rare times I can literally hear and feel my heart beating, and it is usually quite faster than normal. Needless to say feeling embarrassed is not the best experience.

So, what is the best remedy for a case of the embarrassments? I am not a doctor, but laughter always seems to ease the symptoms. The phrase “We aren’t laughing at you, we are laughing with you” speaks volumes. There is no need to worry about what other people are thinking, most likely your peers can relate.  An embarrassing moment can become a laughable, memorable story. So, in an effort to help all readers embrace their embarrassing stories, I thought I would share my most embarrassing moment while working at FirstBank.

It was a winter day and it felt as if the chilly wind was coming right through the windows.  I grabbed my sweater and went to the break room to warm up my heating pouch so I could be nice and toasty while assisting customers over the phone. For those who are not familiar with a heating pouch, it is a cloth pouch filled with raw beans, corn and herbs. Due to its contents, it is important to heat the pouch in about fifteen second intervals. I was chatting with a coworker and after we said our usual, “See you back in there,” goodbye, I grabbed my pouch from the microwave. It was much hotter than usual but I didn’t see any harm so I began to warm my hands and walk back to my desk.

Usually when my pouch was heated, the herbs would emit a delicate, aromatherapy-type fragrance. However, as I was walking through our 24 Hour Call Center, where our representatives were busily helping customers, I began to realize the smell was much different. Heads were turning fast, and noses were cringing. It didn’t fully hit me till one of my coworkers turned around and said, “Amber, what is that wretched smell?” I didn’t even make it to my desk before every department on our floor was standing up and trying to find the source of the terrible odor. It was then that I got a bad case of the embarrassments. I had to get rid of this evil pouch!  So I quickly grabbed a plastic bag and rushed outside and discarded it in a trash bin. Relief, it was gone! But when I came back into the building, the odor seemed even stronger. I could hear the chatter of the over one hundred employees on our large open floor, “It smells like something died.” “It smells like burnt hair.” “Are we safe?” “Should we evacuate?” I knew what I had to do, I had to fess up. I informed my officer of my little mishap with the microwave. Shortly after, a building wide email went out explaining that our Headquarters building was not going to explode or burn down and the smell should air out shortly.

It was definitely my most embarrassing moment, the heat was on and I thought I was going to melt; but I felt so much relief when I began to laugh at the situation. Laughing made it easier to let go of my self- consciousness and embrace my embarrassing story.

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