FirstBankers - 50th Anniversary

Author: Lisa

Recently I gave a presentation to a group of my co-workers; the topic was Building Good Workplace Relationships.  As I labored over the creation of the presentation, I thought about my career with FirstBank and the relationships I’ve built with other FirstBank employees (hereafter referred to as “FirstBankers”).  I also thought about every conceivable justification for procrastinating and going to the movies instead of working on the presentation, but ultimately, responsible behavior won.

Once I got started, the presentation almost wrote itself.   I watched the video shown at our 50th Anniversary party and I focused on the comment that one of our most important assets is our culture.   For me, the culture of FirstBank is FirstBankers.   We are lucky to work for a company that encourages, and fosters good workplace relationships.   But even so, good workplace relationships require good employees.   Having worked for FirstBank for 20+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of other employees.  I’ve found that FirstBankers (not just those folks on my team, but across the company) are friendly, helpful, and dedicated to the success of the Bank.  FirstBankers make our company special and from that, good workplace relationships grow naturally.  For me, some of these workplace relationships have transitioned into long-term friendships that extend beyond the boundaries of the 9a-6p world (or the 10a -7p world of King Soopers Bankers!).  So, a presentation on building good workplace relationships is easy, when you’re working with FirstBankers.

Was my presentation a success?  I hope so.  Even though my co-workers are already great at building good workplace relationships, it seemed like they enjoyed the presentation.  Of course, they might have just been enjoying the bagels and cream cheese we had for breakfast during the meeting, but sometimes it’s okay to build good relationships out of one part FirstBank culture, one part bagels.

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