For many of our customers, your weekly routine is packed full of work, errands, events and commitments, often leaving little time to think  about things like your finances, health and personal well-being. But, with even just a few minutes a day, you can stay up-to-date and educated on personal finance from some of the best bloggers in the business.

To make it easy, we’ve put together a list of our favorite personal finance bloggers.

1)      The ConsumeristAn informational and entertaining look at personal finances, including online resources for consumers, hot deals, and tips for dealing with things like the rising costs for everyday goods and services, 

2)      Wise BreadAn entire community of money experts dedicated to helping you live large on a small budget.

3)      Get Rich Slowly – A blog that helps you create better spending habits with daily tips and advice.

4)      The Simple DollarThe perfect companion for anyone trying to build or rebuild financial stability repay debt or save money.

5)      Money TalksBuilt to help people spend smarter and earn more, this blog is a great resource for those looking to engage with experts and consumers to learn new tips and tricks. 

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