Author: Chris

When I was in fifth grade, my social studies teacher had our class create a mock government.  We had to learn how to run a city and we did it every day in class for a month.  Everyone had a job and I got to be the banker.  I loved it!  Ever since then I knew I wanted to be a banker so I could play with, and count money, all day long.  Fast forward many years later, and my fifth grade dream came true!

So what’s it like being a real banker?  Is it all I thought it would be back in fifth grade?  Well, not really, but I’m certainly happy about how it’s turned out.  You might think we crunch numbers all day long, but that’s only a part of it.  Sure – I am a numbers person, and I love working with graphs, running amortization schedules, and analyzing tax returns, but my favorite part of this job is working with people.

Before I started with FirstBank, I didn’t realize how much I’d be involved in all aspects of my customers’ lives, but I can tell you, we bankers do see it all!

Any significant life event will almost always involve the bank, from new parents opening their child’s first savings account, to older parents sending their high school graduates off to college.  The latter is often followed by the new empty-nesters begrudgingly making yet another transfer to their child’s college checking account.

I’ve worked with young couples purchasing their first home, and with people putting it all on the line to start a new business or go back to school.  I’ve helped newlyweds open joint checking accounts, and unfortunately, I’ve also notarized divorce documents when things just didn’t work out. When one of my customers was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she came to the bank and I helped her get her accounts in order before she passed.  She was weak and breathing with the assistance of an oxygen tank, but selflessly did this to make things easier for her children.  She died a week later.

Being able to help people through the best times of their lives, as well as being there to help sort out the details when life takes its inevitable crazy turns, is a lot of what being a banker is really all about.  So even though I don’t get to play with money all day long like fifth-grade-me thought I would, I really do love being a banker!

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