Author: Chris

So this fall, my only child is heading into high school.  Eek!  High school!!!

How did this happen so fast?  In four short years, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be shopping for dorm room accessories and packing for college.  I don’t even want to think about that… my sweet little girl going off to school and experiencing life on her own away from mom.  Okay – so really I just don’t want to imagine her doing all the stupid and fun things I did when I went to college!

At any rate, regardless of my denial of her growing up so quickly, the financial reality kind of hit hard last week.  I had to buy her a book for her freshman A.P. geography class and was shocked when I went online to find that a used one, not even the most current edition, cost $55!  And I know that this is nothing compared to what college books are going to cost!

Well, about 3 years ago, while having a moment of parental responsibility, I set up a college savings account for her with FirstBank.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t been diligent at all about contributing to it.  Since I work in the bank, it should be easy for me to make deposits to it from time to time, right?  Wrong – I’m just a procrastinator!

So today I did something about it!  I walked over to one of my co-worker’s desks and asked for help.  In just a couple minutes, Linda helped me set up monthly automatic transfers from my checking account to my daughter’s college savings account.  I’m feeling so responsible today! If only my teenager would show her appreciation for it.  Yeah right – a mom can dream!

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