Passwords are common place tool we use every day in life. They are designed to keep the bad guys out of our bank accounts, email addresses, computers, iPads, iPhones etc. In general password do a pretty good job of keeping your information secured, as long as we follow some best practices with them. Here are a few tips to keep those sensitive passwords out of the hands of evil doers:

1)      Choose a good password. A password is only as good as the characters it contains. When choosing a password stay away from common ones, like “love” or the names of sports teams. Computer hackers maintain large lists with millions of these types of words that they can use to try and break into your accounts.

Try choosing something that wouldn’t appear in a typical dictionary, adding in numbers and characters can help as well. If you want to use “broncos” try mixing it up with “Br0nc0s!” by using characters or symbols to replace letters. This helps ensure hackers can’t break into your accounts using lists of common passwords.

2)      Don’t reuse passwords. An average person has to input a password multiple times throughout the day. It can definitely be cumbersome to have to remember different logins for different sites, so the temptation is there to use the same password. Resist this temptation!

Hackers know that people do this, and will take advantage of this. If they can compromise your password for Facebook, they will often try it against your bank website, and your email. So in effect by reusing a password, you can lose much more if an attacker gains your credentials.

3)      Get a password manager. Hopefully we’ve sold you on this point about choosing complex passwords, and using more of them. You’re probably wondering how you are supposed to remember all of your different logins now. Password managers are your answer! These are applications, available for your computer or mobile devices that securely store your password. Once you’ve input all your passwords, when you need to login all you have to do is open the App and choose the site you want.

Here are a couple of our favorite solutions:

Hopefully these quick and easy tips can you help you in everyday life, and keep the attackers out of your inbox!

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