FirstBank of Westland

FirstBank of Westland

Author: Grant

In today’s fast paced, high energy society we are constantly looking to the next level. Whether it be how the Broncos will perform this season or what opportunities may come our way at work. These thoughts and expectations are exciting. So exciting that we commit countless hours each day to thinking about what the future might bring. All of our future thoughts are important for motivation and growth but they often become our only focus.

What would the future look like if the past had never taken place?

Answer: Irrelevant

Looking back at your roots is a valuable way to add perspective and direction to your life, today, in this moment.

Example 1: Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. During interviews, he is constantly asked about how he thinks the upcoming season will turn out. The expectations for him come from an understanding of what he has previously accomplished. In order to remain optimistic, he needs to be able to look back and remember all that he has accomplished (So what if he was 36 years old and recovering from neck surgery when he threw for 4,600 plus yards and 37 touchdowns last year… big whoop). If he is able to see what he has accomplished in the past and use those experiences to lead the Broncos this season, a championship is surely in our future.

Example 2: Very few people who are familiar with the Mile High City have not seen the iconic Union Station. This landmark has been a standard in the Denver city-scape since 1881. As our city grows, we are constantly looking for new way to bring Denver up to speed with other major US cities. Instead of starting fresh with a new development, city planners wanted to incorporate the history and contribution of Union Station in their plans. Union Station is undergoing a major redevelopment that will incorporate the current structure into a new transportation hub. FirstBank is proud to be the financial partner behind this project. This hub will include transportation stations, restaurants, a hotel, and even a FirstBank branch (teaser: we have awesome plans for the space…stay tuned for more). This project sets Denver on an exciting new path that does not lose sight of our past.

At FirstBank, we are constantly looking for new opportunities but we make it a priority to remember our roots. In 1963, FirstBank opened our doors in Lakewood. From day one, we made our customers the cornerstone of our business. We gave away free gifts to new customers and opened 270 accounts on our first day (working in a temporary trailer called the ‘Check Wagon’). From the humble beginnings, FirstBank has steadily grown overtime. When we are faced with decisions about a new product or service, we draw upon past experiences to make educated decisions.

This is how we have always done business, and this is how we plan to move forward.


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