This week we’re sharing how you can become a strong home buyer, familiarize yourself with EMV cards, and develop a long-term investment strategy. Here’s what you need to know now:

  • Looking to buy a home, but unsure of how you’ll stack up in today’s competitive real estate market? Scott Sheldon from Business Insider reveals the three most important things you need to qualify as a strong home buyer. He recommends having a manageable debt ratio, at least  $20,000, and a credit score of 620 or higher.
  • By the end of this year, swiping your credit card will be a thing of the past. So it’s about time to become familiar with the next step in credit card security, EMV cards. You’ve most likely already received a new card in the mail or noticed updated point-of-sale terminals. Matt Shultz from U.S. News & World Report answers all your questions about the new technology, including if they really do protect against credit card fraud.
  • A long-term investment strategy is the foundation for financial security upon retirement. Although global markets are volatile, it’s still possible to develop an investment plan that will withstand temporary market fluctuations. Jeremy Biberdorf of the Daily Finance suggests investing now, or when you have the money – no matter what analysts are saying.*

*All investment information provided in this blog post is intended as a convenient source of information. This information is general in nature, is not complete, and may not apply to your specific situation. Please consult with your own investment advisor regarding your specific investment needs.

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