In this week’s edition of “What’s Impacting Your Wallet,” we’re sharing tips on how to effectively list your home for sale, improve your credit score, and pay off any lingering credit card debt. Here’s what you need to know now:

  • Selling your house is a massive financial undertaking, especially when you take into account the 7 percent commission agents typically charge. Gerri Detweiler of Business Insider’s “Your Money” shares a few things to consider when listing your home with a real estate agent, including working with a listing agent to promote your home on sites like Zillow and Trulia, crafting a home description that is clear and direct, including photos with the listing, and getting a pre-sale appraisal.

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  • Do you have a big purchase on the horizon that requires you to take out a loan? If so, you may want to start taking steps to improve your credit score, which, believe it or not, is possible to accomplish within a matter of months. Holly Hammersmith of Daily Finance suggests becoming an authorized user on a family member’s credit card, keeping your revolving balance low, making small purchases on a secured card and utilizing a rapid rescore to fix your credit in a hurry.
  • A crucial step in reaching complete financial stability is paying off credit card debt. Becoming debt-free requires developing a clear strategy, changing your habits and rewarding yourself for progress. Stephanie Steinberg of US News and World Report suggests organizing your credit card interest rates from highest to lowest, then paying off the card with the highest rate first. Steinberg also advises paying more than the minimum balance on your statements each month, taking advantage of balance transfers, putting work bonuses towards debt, and halting credit card spending altogether.

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