We keep you informed by finding some of the most interesting personal finance tips on the web. Here’s what you need to know this week:

  • Just as you routinely check our health stats, you should also keep an eye on your financial vital signs. Forbes Reporter Cathie Ericson poses the question: “What’s Your (Money) Health Score?” and offers 4 financial vital signs to check so you can keep your finances in healthy, working order. These signs include setting up an emergency fund, calculating your debt-to-income ratio, checking your credit score and beefing up your retirement savings.
  • Buying your first home and settling down is an exciting time in life, but the finances involved can be stressful. Business Insider shares 19 things a new homeowner can do immediately to save money, such as replacing air filters, installing a programmable thermostat, setting up home electronics with SmartStrip and choosing energy efficient appliances.
  • Car salesmen can leave you with doubts about whether you’re getting what you pay for, or worse, trap you into paying much more than you should for a new car. As The Huffington Post points out, they key is to be informed. Reporter Jenny Che lists 7 Ways to Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying A Car so you can walk out of the dealership knowing you paid the right price.

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