This week’s installment of “What’s Impacting Your Wallet” includes some personal finance tips to consider before summer, financial advice for new college grads and ways to stop wasting money on food. Here’s what you need to know this week:

  • Summer can be a very expensive season. All those vacations, concerts and weddings add up big time. U.S. News and World Report reporter Sabah Sarimi breaks down 6 smart budget moves to make before summer begins, so you can save now and splurge later. Tips include creating a summer travel budget, organizing your accounts, preparing a list of budget-friendly activities and using a personal cash-only policy.
Photo sources from U.S. News & World Report article - via iStockPhoto by Getty Images.

Photo sourced from U.S. News & World Report article – via iStockPhoto by Getty Images.

  • Right now college graduates are entering the real world hoping to land their first job; taking their first steps toward becoming financially independent. U.S. News and World Report recently shared 10 essential money-saving tips for college graduates including: creating a budget, understanding living expenses and costs, paying off student loans, planning for retirement, establishing an emergency fund, paying bills on time, and establishing & tracking credit.
  • According to the National Resources Defense Council, food waste accounts for $1,350 to $2,275 in annual losses for the average family of four. Reporter Gerri Detweiler offers 12 tips to stop wasting money on food, like saving receipts, being more flexible with expiration dates, planning meals ahead of time, challenging yourself to get creative with food in your pantry and freezer, extending the life of your veggies, and more.

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