This week we’re sharing tips on how to teach your kids financial literacy, when to sell your home and ways to be more frugal:

  • Teaching Your Kids Good Sense: According to CNBC Reporter Kellie B. Grant, you should not underestimate the importance of teaching financial literacy. In her latest article she offers a few interactive money lessons for kids that provides hands-on finance experience that prepare them for the real world. Her advice includes letting kids manage their own money by helping them open a savings account, making regular trips to the bank, and involving kids in the financial decision-making process whenever possible. For example, a trip to the grocery story can be can be an opportunity to teach planning (making a grocery list), budgeting (clipping coupons) and value (comparing prices).
  • Selling A Home: If you’re thinking about selling your home, you might want to get the process started ASAP. According to Business Insider’s Emily Heffter, the best time of the year to sell is quickly approaching. Sellers who list their homes in the first half of May can expect to sell sooner and for more money. Nationally, homes sold May 1-15 sell 18.5 days faster and for 1 percent more than the average listing. And when you’re ready for a new home, we got you covered.
  • Better Saving Habits: It’s no accident that frugal people achieve financial independence faster than most. In fact, it’s the habits they establish that allow them to reach their long-term financial goals more often than most. WiseBread’s Dr. Penny Pincher outlines some of these habits and how you can apply them to your personal finance decisions in a recent article, “7 Habits of Highly Frugal People.” He recommends being proactive with your money by controlling spending, thinking about your strategy with the end goal in mind, and putting first things first, meaning choose to invest in a retirement fund or deposit money into a savings account first, and then pay bills using the money that is left.

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